WhatsApp will allow users to check messages using a QR code

Original author: Panda Security
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WhatsApp developers are going to offer a new tool that allows millions of users of this application to verify the authenticity of messages using the new encryption system, which involves scanning a QR code.

According to XatakaAndroid , WhatsApp developers have published various offers in different languages ​​on their special portal for translators, designed to localize this application. Many took this as clues about new features that could be introduced.

This time, the suggestions mention point-to-point encryption in WhatsApp, which protects the confidentiality of messages, the need to scan a QR code to verify that the chat is correctly encrypted, and how to activate the option that will be presented in the menu with settings.

This means that each user can manually check whether his conversations are safe, not so much because WhatsApp is increasing its security, but to help each user make sure that his privacy is not at risk. The only drawback of this option is that the sender and receiver must be physically in the same place for this function to work.

To perform such a check,user A must scan the QR code on the device of user B , and vice versa, which may seem strange, because if both people are physically located in the same place, it is unlikely that they will communicate through WhatsApp, being opposite each other.

We are still waiting for application developers to confirm this new feature and provide details.

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