New Yandex.Webmaster

    Today at the " Fourth webmaster " Yandex representatives told the new Yandex.Webmaster - it is already available in beta status. What is interesting about this long-awaited update?

    Following Google, Yandex begins to consider the convenience of viewing the site on mobile devices. This will directly affect the position of the site in the search results. It will start to work not today and not tomorrow, but after a few months, and only in the issue from mobile devices. Sites adapted for viewing from mobile phones will be marked with the inscription "mobile version". In this regard, in the new webmaster appeared a tool to check the site - "Check mobile pages."

    Now it’s far from the first time you can get a verification report - the service is in beta, and the load seems to be very high so far. You can only check the site that is registered in the webmaster, unlike a similar Google service . But the better the coinage from Yandex is that it gives information about problems and conditions. In Google you will only get an answer whether your page is optimized or not, and in Yandex it will be a list of completed and not completed items. This is actually very cool. Personally, I have been waiting for a service similar to Google PageSpeed ​​Insights for a long time only from Yandex. Hopefully something similar will roll out soon.

    What are other news? Page with sanctions.

    This is a rather relevant page, in the light of recent events with Minusinsk and others. On this page you can find out about the availability of manually applied measures for various violations - re-optimization, purchased links, hidden text, etc., etc. They also promise the function of sending the site for verification, after eliminating all violations - no more than once a month.

    Loved the site’s diagnostic page. In general, the interface of the new webmaster has become much more pleasant and convenient, although the dark background is also not for everyone.

    As for the "site problems" - an hour ago errors were detected in my robots.txt, but now it is no longer there. We write this to the fact that the service is in beta. Well, I would like some detailing of the errors - if on some pages there are no meta tags, then at least I want to see a list of pages.

    The server response verification service has also appeared - you can see how various Yandex robots see the page. The function is not new, but now it is easy to find, and now in the "page content" there is now a highlight of the code. A trifle, but nice.

    What are the flaws? The new webmaster does not yet see the downloaded sitemap.xml file, informs me that I have zero incoming links, the list of search queries does not match the list in the old webmaster.

    In general, the new webmaster left a good impression, unlike the same Yandex.Metrica - it was difficult to get used to its new interface, and all the time I wanted to switch to the old mode. And the webmaster, on the contrary, wants to see it sooner instead of the outdated version.

    How do you like the new service?

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