Conference Announcement for Sync.NET Developers # 1

    Are you interested in the latest in .NET application development and dream of joining the large-scale DEVintersection conference in Las Vegas? Now, thanks to the technical landing of NIX Solutions, you will find out the latest DEVintersection news here in Kharkov at the first Sync.NET conference from NIX Solutions!

    On Friday, November 27, NIX Solutions experts gather a warm company of .NET developers to share their experience and new knowledge brought from the DEVintersection 2015 conference. At Sync.NET # 1 you will receive a huge portion of useful information and get acquainted with the new platform for communication .NET-developers of Kharkov. Do you want to always keep your finger on the pulse of .NET technology? Then welcome to the first Sync.NET conference!

    Speakers Sync .NET # 1

    Evgeny Yankova, “Web Vulnerabilities and Data Security”:

    • Why it is important to understand the basics of web development despite the rapid development of technology.
    • Client-server interactions and HTTP protocol vulnerabilities.
    • How to find web vulnerabilities, as well as the most common web application errors.
    • Ways to protect data and users.
    • Using man-in-the-middle, and why you can not trust public Wi-Fi access points.

    Evgeny Polozhenkov, "Security & Identity 3 in ASP.NET 5":

    • Membership changes in ASP.NET 5 - Identity 3.
    • About ASP.NET 5 Middleware for Authentication Authentication.
    • How to create your own user repository for Identity 3.
    • What is the “IsInRole” problem and how the new Authorization APIs will help us.
    • Authorization policy and "resource-based" authorization out of the box.

    Interested in? To participate in Sync .NET # 1, please register in the Sync.NET Meetup group .

    Registration starts: 18:45

    Participation is free!

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