Come to Integrated Systems Russia 2018 to see an Epson 4K projector and play Tetris. Gestures

    It is finished. Now Epson also has the first model in the assortment of projectors with the physical resolution of 4K matrix (3840 x 2160).

    In this regard, as well as the fact that recently appeared in the catalog and projectors with a completely new for us form factor ( Epson LightScene the EV-100 ), Epson, together with the "" and multimedia integrator Ascreen , decided to show the new items in all its glory.

    At the exhibition, we will once again demonstrate how modern projection equipment, coupled with "smart" technologies, can transform a home and office, adding interactivity, efficiency, and maybe even benefits to ordinary-looking objects that surround us.

    Entrance to the exhibition is freewhen registering through the site .

    Period: October 24-26 (ie, the beginning is tomorrow ).
    Venue: Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Pavilion Forum (Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment, 14. Vystavochnaya Metro Station (formerly Business Center))

    Since the stand is still being prepared and I want to show beautiful pictures, I will say a few words about the projectors themselves I’ll share 3D-models that we agreed with the stand developer, and briefly tell you about the main features of the installation, especially interactive and entertaining ones.

    Real, real 4K

    Epson EB-L20000U and Epson EB-L12000Q - installation projectors with a laser light source, which will go on sale in 2019, will be demonstrated for the first time in Russia. I will tell you more about them as soon as I have all the information on my hands to add on .

    • Epson EB-L12000Q is the first 3LCD projector on the market with a brightness of 12,000 lumens with a physical resolution of 4K (3840 x 2160). The main and key point is that the projector, like all others under the Epson brand, is built on 3LCD technology. Those. it has three LCD-matrix with a resolution of 4K! All the advantages of 3LCD on site plus 4K UHD support - in one device.
    • Epson EB-L20000U is a lightweight and compact model in a segment of projectors popular with rental companies with a brightness of 20,000 lumens and WUXGA resolution ( not native 4K, but with support for 4K Enhancement technology , which, according to our installers, is still in the majority installations). The “younger” brother of this model recently for the first time for Epson took part in a large-scale installation at the “Circle of Light 2018” in Moscow .

    Both projectors are equipped with a built-in camera that allows remote diagnostics, and can also be used to work with Epson Professional Projection Tool to set up multi-projector installations and work with functions such as stitching and projection mapping.

    Well, now, actually, about the stand and what can be seen on it.

    The stand is divided into "zones". Each has its own characteristics.

    Front office

    Performs the following tasks:

    Information and Navigation

    You can use not only the classic Digital Signage system that broadcasts news and events of the company, but virtually any surface. For example, an invitation to go to the meeting room is displayed at the visitor directly at the reception desk.

    Display advertising and presentations

    Reception can tell a lot about products, values ​​or technologies, form an intra-corporate spirit. We will show these functions with the help of the installations “Hall of Fame” (Corporate Museum) and realbook, as well as zones with additional reality points and object mapping for watches (Retail), which are described below.


    Where are no entertainment!

    Good old classic Tetris, but with gesture control . Demonstrates how the same item can carry not only the function of partitions and decorating the room, but also entertain visitors, or display some useful information (company news, stock reports, etc.)

    In addition to the game, there are a couple of interactive areas:

    Hall of Fame

    In the shelving on the right are items that symbolize various projects or achievements of companies. For example, a Spartak soccer ball or a model of a T-34 tank standing in front of the entrance to the Victory complex. To learn more about the project, you need to put the item on the special box under the screen.

    Generative graphics

    On the wall to the right of the reception is a generative graphic that reacts to the movement of the visitor heading for the counter.

    Real book

    Interactive book with real page turning. Here are the most interesting projects of the company.

    Back office

    The left part of the stand is also divided into functional areas:


    The modern office of an office employee is interactive, there is a minimum of physical objects and “dust collectors” in it, various possibilities are realized by technical means.

    Provides features that allow you to change the appearance of various areas. For example, you can choose the surroundings and the view outside the window to suit your mood. All items on this modern table are projection: a phone, a notebook, drawings / photos, etc. No more
    mess and dust on the table!

    Small negotiation

    This is a place to relax and work together. It is easily transformed to any tasks and the desired number of participants in the meeting. The table transformer allows to collect practically any necessary configuration. Moreover, the content responds to changes and adapts to the new modification.

    In this way, a small meeting room and an office can be transformed by simple permutations of cubes into a conference room, a training class or a cinema in general!

    Waiting for you!

    Finally, I will share my own opinion: this year's stand is simply unrealistically cool . We have never had such interactive installations. I promise that there will be something to see and where to say “Wow!”

    Moreover, considering that the installation is very complicated, I recommend seeing it all the same tomorrow or the day after (October 24-25) , and not the 26th, because On the 26th, it will function for up to three to four days, after which the complex dismantling process will begin.

    We are waiting for you at the S-26 booth at the ISR 2018 exhibition. Entrance to the exhibition is free at registration through the website .

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