FirebirdSQL is used by 11 companies from the TOP-500 list of Russia

    This week, RBC published a list of TOP-500 Russian companies . And just yesterday, meeting with colleagues from ISDEF , I once again answered the question of who uses Firebird SQL in Russia, and decided to combine the answer to this question with the list from the TOP-500.

    I looked through the TOP-500 quite quickly, so I could have missed someone, but in the end I got the following list of companies using Firebird:

    • Gazprom
    • Magnet
    • Gazprombank
    • Sibur
    • Aeroflot
    • Post of Russia
    • Pharmstandard
    • Moscow Exchange
    • Gazprom Automation
    • Otisipharm
    • RKK Energy

    Several other companies (VTB, Polyus Gold, Ingosstrakh, etc.) also used Firebird some time ago, but I do not have relevant information on them, so I did not include them.

    In addition to the companies from the TOP-500, of course, there are hundreds of others, and rather rather large ones (for example: GEMA, Forward / chain store Polushka, Uniastrum Bank, Profitmed, LMS Clinic, etc.), and new ones appear all the time - companies with a 300-500GB database, which we hear about for the first time, unexpectedly signed up to us for a free seminar on large Firebird large databases , although we have been dealing with this topic since the founding of Firebird in 2002.

    Of course, Firebird is used in different ways - somewhere in the role of the main accounting system, somewhere as a DBMS of a branch / store, somewhere it was built into a rather big high-tech device.

    Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get approval to publish a detailed story about the use of Firebird (and indeed any software) - it must be approved by lawyers / security guards / PR specialists / marketers, etc.

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