September 21, 2015 - twenty five years to the Russian Fidonet

    The first nodes of the Fidonet network in Russia appeared in Novosibirsk, their system operators were Vladimir Lebedev and Evgeny Chupriyanov (known under the pseudonym Eric Fletcher). On September 21, 1990, these nodes first appeared in the Czechoslovak segment of the global nodelist:

    2:42/100, Morning_Star_BBS, Novosibirsk_USSR, Eric_Fletcher
    2:42/101, SVP_BBS, Novosibirsk_USSR, Vladimir_Lebedev

    And in the diary of Yuri Potapyuk (later on - one of the first four fidoshniks of the Russian region R50) that day a historical record appeared :

    [facsimile of a page from Potapyuk’s diary]

    Today we are celebrating twenty-five years (a quarter of a century!) From the day of this event.

    The last five years of Fidonet (from the day when we celebrated his twentieth birthday) have been rather interesting. Fidonet appeared and on All Android , and routers , and even a special operating system . Last year, the demonstration of vector graphics in the feed browser window that opened the SVG image became a serious step in the implementation of the ideas of the hypertext vector her intra-Fidonet address.

    The future of Fidonet can easily turn out to be even more radiant, but it will be time to tell about it in due time, and my story is now over.

    Teaser trailer.

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