RailsClub 2015: Interview with Koichi Sasada


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    imageToday is an interview with the man who, together with Yukihiro Matsumoto, creates Ruby. Meet Koichi Sasada , a programmer whose main project is the Ruby interpreter (CRuby / MRI). In 2007, he received his Ph.D from the University of Tokyo and began teaching. After 13 years at Koichi University, he joined the Matza team at Heroku. He is also the director of the Ruby Association .

    How did you get started on Ruby?

    In 2004, as a hobby, I started a project called " YARV: Yet Another RubyVM". I started working on it to find out what type of virtual machines are suitable for the Ruby language. In this case,“ suitable ”means optimal, efficient, and so on. A few years later, YARV joined the official Ruby interpreter. By that time, I had already become a developer Ruby and commit in MRI.

    At 2004, I started a project named "YARV: Yet Another RubyVM" as my hobby. I started this project to know "what kind of virtual machine does fit Ruby language". In this case "fit" means optimal, fast, effective and so on. After several years, YARV was merged into official Ruby interpreter. At that timing, I have become Ruby developer (MRI committer).

    What are you working on now?

    I work at Heroku to improve MRI. My main concern is performance, so I observe the behavior of Ruby, develop new optimization techniques, evaluate the results, do it again and again.

    Improving quality of MRI as Heroku employee. My main concern is to performance, so observing a Ruby's behavior, making new optimization techniques, evaluate the results, and do the process again.

    Favorite programming language after Ruby, why it?

    I use C when I write Ruby :)

    C language I use to implement Ruby :)

    What is Open Source for you?

    This is my job.

    My job.

    Favorite blogs / sites / tweeters on web development and programming topics?

    I follow some of the rubies and the MRI developers, including@yukihiro_matz .

    I follow some Rubyist / MRI developers, includes @yukihiro_matz

    The last programming book you read that you liked?

    " Programming Elixir " by Dave Thomas.

    "Programming Elixir" by Dave Thomas.

    Not tired of programming? What do you do when you feel something like that?

    I do not program and enjoy something else.

    Ignore programming and enjoy something else.

    What would you do if you had 2 months of free paid time?

    I would travel to different countries.

    Travel to stay foreign countries.

    Who did you want to be in childhood?

    The teacher.

    A teacher.

    What do you generally expect from the conference and from the Russian-speaking community?

    Communication with the people. I am happy to talk if you are interested in developing VM. And I look forward to arriving in Moscow!

    Communicate with folks. I'm happy to talk with you if you have interest about VM development. I'm excited to visit Moscow!

    Thanks for the interview and see you in Moscow!

    At the conference, Koichi talks about performance.

    The Matz team at Heroku is working on improving the quality of CRuby / MRI. Quality can be defined in different ways, for example, as stability, low resource consumption and, of course, speed. Koichi's main goal is to speed up Ruby. But the only right solution for overclocking the Ruby interpreter does not exist. Instead of a single solution, a set of techniques is proposed to improve Ruby performance. In this presentation, he will demonstrate the latest achievements of the team.

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