Introducing Moto CMS 3

    imageHello! In this publication, I would like to share with you my experience with the relatively new Moto CMS 3 and talk about the recent case when I urgently needed to make a website for one of my clients. According to the modest technical task of the customer, a business card site (like landing) on ​​the topic of landscape architecture was required. Timing, as usual, "yesterday." Previously, I used products from Moto developers (mainly Flash and HTML) and very often created sites on their platforms, but together I found a suitable template that was created specifically for the new version of “ Moto CMS 3 ”, which I had to work with .

    This article is a short story about the innovations of the new CMS, as well as working with one of the templates.

    In fact, all work with the template is carried out in several steps and this is precisely the main charm of working with templates. The first step is to install the site on the hosting and further configure the admin panel.

    1. As it was said on the developers website, all the work on installing the site on the hosting will take no more than 5 minutes. The only thing you will need to check is the parameters of the hosting server and the presence of some functions: PHP 5.3 or 5.4 and the Zend Guard Loader module. If the server settings meet these conditions, then all you have to do is just upload the template to the hosting and proceed with the activation of “Moto CMS 3”.

    2.Product activation takes even less time, it took me 5-10 minutes with coffee. You will be prompted to select a language (the default is English), and after that - configure the database, as well as the administrator account.

    Then it remains to confirm the installation of the template on the server by clicking on the "Install" button and after completion - on the "Start" button. Actually, that’s all, now we can start working with the new version of “Moto CMS 3”.

    3. We proceed to configure the admin panel, for which we enter the login and password. Before us is a menu through which it is proposed to choose what we will work with. First of all, we go to the “Settings” section, where we indicate the title and address of the site, icon, admin language, etc.

    In the “Analytics” section there are two blocks, “Google Analytics” and “Google Webmaster” -they need a Google account, so we will postpone it for later, since the main task is to make the site itself, while it’s possible to optimize and configure tracking later.

    Also in the settings there is a button “Updates”, there we can update our template. If, of course, a new version is released (news about the update comes to the specified e-mail), then we just need to click the "Update" button, wait for the update to load, and then the "Continue" button. Here, in fact, everything about the basic settings of the admin panel.

    4. In the "Media Library" section, files are downloaded directly from the admin panel. A couple of times I encountered a restriction on file downloads due to size - this is possible if you use a very simple hosting and it has a limit. Working with a media library is as simple as the world, the main advantages:

    - file size 50mb
    - creating and editing images directly from the admin panel
    - Support for many formats (jpeg / jpg / png / gif / ico, mp3 / mp4, swf / avi, zip / pdf)
    - Filtering files (all, all images, all video)

    5. Widgets in the third version have a very nice design and convenient controls.

    “Out of the box” there are the following:

    - Embedded code

    - Slider

    - Feedback form

    - Gallery grid

    - Video

    - iFrame widget

    - Google map

    - Social buttons

    - Menu

    - Separator


    - Image

    - Text

    - Container

    - Row

    To edit the customer’s template, I needed to use only a few widgets and further edit them. Moto CMS 3 has a very convenient navigation in the tools, it is very difficult even for a beginner to get lost there. Working with editing individual elements is step-by-step, thereby greatly saving our time and simplifying the work as a whole. For example, working with the "Menu" (screen on the left).

    In the left column, go to the "Menu" section or simply click on the menu in the admin panel.

    Before us appeared the menu settings window, its shape and location (row, container, section).

    And the button itself with the settings in the form of a "pencil", when I clicked on it, I started editing the menu. All actions and work with widgets are very convenient and do not require much effort. As you noticed, I changed the Home button in just a few mouse movements.

    You can adjust or change any menu content, add categories, rename, show them the path and create subcategories. To work with the menu style, the right column is used (where are the tools for working with styles), as well as in working with the main design. Changing the style of the text in the menu itself is as simple as working with the Text widget itself (allows you to insert text in any area of ​​the site):

    “Moto CMS 3” has many great widgets and features, and you can describe them for quite some time. In short, this is convenient work, the minimum workload of the admin panel, simple navigation and competent, step-by-step construction of work with widgets ensures quick completion of tasks.

    I would like to note that “Moto CMS 3” has an updated Drag-and-drop editor, which allows you to transfer design elements and modules without much effort.

    Another pleasant thing is adaptability, which in the version of “Moto CMS 3” allows you to simultaneously work with several versions of the site for various devices: computer, smartphone or tablet. And this is a very significant factor, since mobile Internet paces the planet every day, and not all sites can respond by accessibility for new devices and their requests.

    The previous version of Moto CMS could not boast of such functions that sometimes complicated the work even if it was necessary to make a simple landing. Moto CMS 3, on the contrary, is sharpened to create a simple and convenient one-runner. The main tools located in the admin panel have simple management and editing of internal elements. Creating a landing page with adaptive layout took about two weeks of work, with Moto CMS 3 it took one day (from “dating” to the result).

    "Turnkey" all the pleasure cost $ 199. Perhaps, for some, the price for the template will seem high (especially with the current rate). However, if we consider the future profitability of the site and the prospects for its development, this is a very small starting investment with the condition that, in fact, with the template comes a high-quality design, which you could spend a lot of good time on. Alas, a business without investments is often just a good story. And so we created a website with the customer in just 1 day. Of course, the site will still be finalized and edited, but only small elements remain, namely: creating a logo and further promotion. I want to add that, working with the Moto CMS admin panels, sites have very fast indexing and simple optimization of all content.

    How to try any template for free
    More recently, the TemplateMonster website has the opportunity to test the template you like and get acquainted with the capabilities of the admin panel before purchasing it. In order to do this, you just need to go to the website , find the Moto CMS3 template and, when choosing a template, click on the “Free Test Template” button.

    Next, fill in the required fields, which include email and phone number (you must enter a real number, since an SMS with a confirmation code will come to it):

    After filling out the form, click "Get", enter the code from the SMS message and click "Next":

    A letter containing a link will come to the indicated mailbox, which gives us access to free testing of the selected template. Thus, you can see and evaluate all the functionality and accessibility for ordinary users of the Moto CMS3 admin panel.

    Video reviews of several templates:

    The entire selection of ready-made templates for MotoCMS 3 can be viewed here .

    Have a nice work.

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