What is the UIS notary of Russia

    Since 2013, significant changes have taken place in the legislation on notaries, as a result of which the active introduction and use of information technologies in notarial activities has begun.
    Due to these changes, soon paper registers in which notaries record all notarial acts must either substantially change or become a thing of the past. From January 01, 2018, notaries of Russia will be required to register all notarial acts in the electronic registers of the Unified Notary Information System (hereinafter, the abbreviation UIS will be used).
    After the publication of the article “Notarial ice has broken”, the Russian IT community has questions regarding the UIS, the most frequently asked of which we will try to answer.

    UIS is an automated system for collecting and storing information. The creation of the current version of the UIS began in 2004 at the initiative of the Commission on the Use of Information Technologies of the Federal Notary Chamber . In 2006, on behalf of the Federal Notary Chamber, the UIS was created by Triasoft , an active developer of software for notaries, based on the developments at that time in notary chambers.
    Architecturally, the system consists of the northern part with a central database and the client part, which is an application for Windows.
    The central database of the server part is managed by the MySQL DBMS, as well as a number of Open Source solutions. Data exchange between the server and the client is carried out using database replication technology.
    The client part (installed by a notary) uses Microsoft Access databases, and the application interface is implemented in Visual Basic and part of the functionality in C ++. More details about the system can be found in the Regulation on the EIS and in the Concept for the Development of Informatization of Non-Budget Notaries .
    In 2014, some server-side databases were transferred under the control of Oracle DBMS.
    It is clear that such a set of obsolete technologies causes many problems, the result of which are periodic flaws in the operation of the system as a whole. Therefore, in 2015, the Federal Notary Chamber decided to create a new system, which by 2018 will ensure the normal and uninterrupted operation of registries, as well as other services necessary for notaries to work in modern conditions. On August 5, 2015, on its website FNP posted a message about the start of accepting proposals for the development of a new system. The acceptance of applications has already come to an end and we will soon find out the decision of the tender committee and find out the developer of the new UIS.

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