How ecology affects data center cooling

    The Chinese search engine Baidu is faced with an unusual problem that cannot be called characteristic for data centers. Let's try to figure it out. / photo Dean Hochman CC Earlier we talked about different ways to deploy data centers underground and the nuances of cooling data centers using water. All of these are still exotic themes. The traditional approach is to have a building in which a data center is located and to take air to cool it directly from the street.

    The IT infrastructure Baidu uses has suffered from environmental issues. Such difficulties with air pollution are not new to China. Now the problems began not only in people, but also in “iron”. The fact is that smog leads to equipment failures - the content of various impurities in the air negatively affects the ventilation and cooling systems of the data center.

    One of the intermediate solutions is the use of special chemicals for air purification and filtration. Such difficulties compel companies to invest in innovative technologies and solve cooling problems in a slightly different way than is customary in the rest of the world.

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