Startup Digest: 10 nearest IT events in Moscow

    This is a selection of events to be held in the capital in the coming days. My today's list includes software development meetings, as well as technological hackathons.

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    For mailing, we select useful (by itself) and free (or for reasonable money) events, where you can learn something new, upgrade your skills and communicate with colleagues.

    1. Technopolis: Copter Hack

    When: Fri., October 19 - Sun., October 21.
    How much: 19:00
    Where: Technopolis Moscow, Volgograd Ave., 42, k.5
    How much does it cost: Free

    Participants will be given 30 hours to assemble a quadcopter. The winners will receive valuable prizes from hackathon partners. Pupils of the senior classes, students, graduate students and graduates of universities are invited to participate - all who are interested in unmanned aircraft systems.

    2. Boiling Point: Space Apps Challenge

    When: Sat, October 20. What time
    : 7:00
    Where: Boiling Point, Maly Konyushkovsky Pereulok, 2
    How much it costs: Free

    A team of representatives from any profession can try their hand at this NASA international hackathon: from developers to astrophysicists. The participants will have to develop a project of a software product in two days that will help humanity master space or solve the long-standing problems of earthlings - the shortage of water, food and clean air.

    3. RO: MosFinData

    When: Sat., October 20. What time
    : 10:00
    Where: Red October, Bersenevskaya Embankment, 6, p. 3
    How much: Free

    Hackathon from the Moscow Department of Finance for developers, designers and data journalists. You can create different projects: applications, services, bots, plugins, infographics. The main thing is that the project solves socially significant tasks in the context of finance. For example, he answered the questions of users “where are our taxes going?” Or “how is the budget spent?”. The working material will be open data of government agencies.

    4. RO: #Itsubbotnik

    When: Sat., October 27 What time
    : 11:00
    Where: Red October, Bersenevskaya Embankment, 6, p. 3
    How much: Free

    Mitap was created for IT professionals to share their experience and interesting cases with each other. The program of the autumn meeting was divided into three streams: Big Data & Java, Frontend & Javascript and business analyst. The topics of the reports will be different: from cases of Kafka implementation to working with the native capabilities of the web and recipes for rescuing customer relationships.

    5. DI Telegraph: Real Innovations

    When: Sat., October 27 What time
    : 10:00
    Where: DI Telegraph, Tverskaya, 7
    How much: $ 10

    Talented start-ups and development teams will assemble solutions for the city, media and retail on product concepts. Fest will be held in the interactive foresight mode with leading practitioners, experts and technologists. At the end of the event, teams will present their decisions in the format of TED-performances. The demo zone, lecture rooms will be working at the site, and master classes will be held. Any guest can break his head over quests in augmented reality.


    When: Mon, October 29 What time
    : 19:00
    Where: Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University, Leninskie Gory, 1, p.46
    How much it costs: Free

    This is a lecture by Mikhail Antropov, a teacher at the Innovations and Business Development program at Moscow State University. It will be a question of insolvency of “turquoise organizations”, in which instead of managers - coaching and self-government, and instead of KPI - goals and values. The lecturer will explain why some of these popular approaches do not work, and what to do about it.

    7. FRIA: Corporate Innovation Day

    When: Thurs., November 1st.
    What time: 10:00
    Where: FRII Str. Myasnitskaya, 13, p.18
    How much does it cost: Free

    Why do companies need digital transformation? How to start the introduction of new technologies? These questions will be answered by FRIA experts and invited speakers - representatives of Leroy Merlin, MTS, Kirovsky Plant, Megafon and other companies. But they will not just answer, but will talk about personal experience in introducing innovations. The event will include open presentations and panel discussions, workshops and pitch sessions, consultations and discussion tools. Recommended for representatives of large businesses.

    8. ITC: Conversations'18

    When: Wed, Nov. 14 What time
    : 9:00
    Where: International Trade Center, Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment, d.12
    How much: $ 75

    Voice assistants, smart chat bots, conversational interfaces: analytics, technology overview and case studies first hand. The working space of the conference will be divided into four sections. In one of them, you can immerse yourself in the development of Just AI solutions, in the other, you can learn from the experience of Yandex b Google experts in creating a “conversational” UX. A separate section is devoted to technologies of natural language processing by bots.

    9. DO: GoTech

    When: Tue, November 20 What time
    : 9:00
    Where: Digital October, Bersenevskaya Embankment, 6, p. 3
    How much: $ 75

    GoTech conference is an opportunity to see the most interesting projects of the last year, find out the companies' insights “Captured the world”, find partners, communicate with like-minded people and recharge the drive a year in advance. The event will bring together 300 selected startups, 400 investors and corporations and thousands of participants from 15 countries. There will be performances in the format of pitch-sessions, an exhibition of technological solutions, presentations by the participants of the start-up competition and GoTech After-Party.

    10. Opening Arena: Sport Innovations

    When: Thu, November 22 What time:
    how much: 8:30
    Where: Discovery Arena, Volokolamsk Highway, d.69
    What it costs: Free

    Here we will talk about how to apply digital solutions in the sports industry. Speakers from Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Russia will share successful cases of introducing new technologies for broadcasting, collecting and processing competition results, working with fans, transforming stadiums. At the conference, technological startups will share their visions - they will propose ideas for the development of eSports, healthy lifestyles and the fitness industry.

    PS You can watch the events in the calendar format here . If you know other cool (and affordable) IT events, email me or discuss them here in the comments.

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