Event for university teachers in St. Petersburg on programming training

    Dear friends!

    So we are ripe for the event for education in St. Petersburg.

    September 22 at 14.00 we are waiting for university professors to the seminar: "Programming and design training at the university: environment and technology."

    We will discuss the problems of education in teaching programming, consider issues of applied development in a multi-platform environment. Let's talk about new standards, and how to combine them with the rapid development of technology.
    The event is supported by our educational project friend, Samsung, Vsevolod Leonov, who has experience in teaching programming at Bauman University.

    In a programme:
    • Training in programming in a training program for applied specialists in universities;
    • Training in mobile development at the university: features, approaches;
    • Training in creating cross-platform applications: how to optimize the teaching process;
    • Project training is a new vector in new educational standards;
    • How to keep up with the advent of new technologies: Internet of things, robots, mobile development, web 3.0;
    • Training of specialists demanded by the labor market

    Venue: ITMO University, Exchange line V.O., 4

    Registration is required. Participation in the event is free.
    edu.delphitour.ru - site event with registration and program.

    If you have questions about educational programs before the event, write to Sergey Terletsky at Sergey.Terletskiy@embarcadero.com or call + 7- 495-708-43-93

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