Digital events in Moscow from October 15 to October 21

    A selection of key events in Moscow for the week.


    White nights

    • October 16 (Tuesday) - October 17 (Wednesday)
    • Kutuzov Avenue 2/1
    • from 150 €
    • White Nights Conference is an international business conference dedicated to the development and promotion of games on all platforms (mobile, PC, consoles, web).

    Unlocking Digital Reality with BCG

    • October 16 (Tuesday)
    • Tverskaya 7
    • is free
    • A unique BCG event dedicated to the use of digital technology in business.

    The era of voice assistants: talk to customers in new ways

    • October 16 (Tuesday)
    • Trifonovskaya 57k1
    • is free
    • On October 16, at 19.00, Daniel Kolesnikov, Head of Marketing Assistant for Voice Assistant Alisa, Yandex, will give a lecture at the Higher School of Business Informatics at the HSE, “The Age of Voice Assistants: Speak Newly with Customers”.

    Performance Marketing Moscow'18

    • October 17 (Wednesday)
    • New Arbat 24
    • from 9 900 p.
    • October 17, 2018 in the cinema "October" will be the main in Russia professional conference on Performance Marketing. The event is organized by digital agency R: TA and RAEC.

    Open Digital Rockstar # 1

    • October 17 (Wednesday)
    • Blagoveshchensky lane 1a
    • is free
    • In the lesson, we will teach you to use advertising API on the example of VKontakte. You will learn how using Python to automatically collect statistics on your creatives, start and stop campaigns, change bids. And to make it more interesting, we will show how to easily make the interface through a bot to Telegrams based on the Rockstat platform opensource.

    Customer Development Master Class

    • October 17 (Wednesday)
    • Lubyansky passage 19s1
    • 2 000 r.
    • Managing partner of PRODUCT VISION Alexander Eremeev will tell you what CustDev is, why it is needed and how it works.

    14th Electronic Commerce - 2018

    • October 17 (Wednesday)
    • Krasnopresnenskaya emb. 12
    • from 25 900 p.
    • At the main e-commerce conference "" Electronic Commerce - 2018 "" most of the speakers are successful online stores and retailers. Both well-known brands and stores, whose names are not well-known, will share their experience, mistakes, and recipes.

    How retail transformation affects consumer behavior

    • October 18 (Thursday)
    • Myasnitskaya 11
    • is free
    • We invite you to a discussion with Romir Research Holding.

    Droid party

    • October 18 (Thursday)
    • Leo Tolstoy 16
    • is free
    • We invite Android specialists to a meeting in the Moscow office of Yandex. Three developers of navigation applications will share the experience of their teams. They will talk about sound reproduction, the implementation of VectorDrawable, and how to quickly display many objects on the map at once.

    Compot Money

    • October 18 (Thursday)
    • Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya 36
    • from 9 560 r.
    • Practical conference on community investments and community monetization.

    TEDxSR Salon: The Nature of Science

    • October 19 (Friday)
    • Nikolskaya street 10
    • 500 r.
    • The theme of this salon is The Nature of Science, and Artem Oganov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Professor of the RAS will be the guest speaker. Artyom is in the top 10 successful Russian scientists working both in Russia and abroad (according to the Forbes magazine, 2011).

    Digital Pharma 2018

    • October 19 (Friday)
    • Myasnitskaya 13s18
    • is free
    • Digital Pharma is a conference about digital technologies that help increase sales in the field of pharmaceuticals.

    Copter hack 2018

    • October 19 (Friday) - October 21 (Sunday)
    • Volgogradsky pr 42k5
    • is free
    • For assembling unmanned aircraft systems, participants will be provided with the component parts of future devices, the designer of the programmable quadrocopter “COEX Klever 3” and you can also participate and implement the project on your copter!

    Hackathon MosFinData

    • October 20 (Saturday) - October 21 (Sunday)
    • Deworkacy, Bersenevskaya nab. 6c3
    • is free
    • The prize fund hakaton 150 000 rubles + prizes from partners of the event! Organizers: Moscow Department of Finance with the participation of ANO Information Culture. Invited to participate developers, designers and data journalists!

    DataStart Conference 2018

    • October 20 (Saturday)
    • Smolenskaya 8
    • from 4 000 p.
    • DataStart is an annual conference where leading speakers in Moscow and St. Petersburg share trends, case studies and practical skills in Data Science and Machine Learning.

    Retentioneering meetup

    • October 20 (Saturday)
    • Leningradsky prospect 39s79
    • is free
    • On October 20, we invite productologists to a mitap dedicated to retentioneering, a systematic approach to product improvement. The meeting will discuss the methodology and set of tools for ongoing work on the product.

    Space Apps Challenge Hackathon from NASA

    • October 20 (Saturday) - October 21 (Sunday)
    • Small Konyushkovsky lane 2
    • is free
    • NASA Space Apps Challenge runs simultaneously around the world. Last year, 25,000 enthusiasts from 187 countries took part in it. In Moscow, this hackathon is held for the second time. This year it is organized by the largest Russian-speaking community of hackathon members Russian Hackers.

    Big cartoon festival

    • October 20 (Saturday) - October 29 (Monday)
    • Moscow
    • from 0 p.
    • The largest international animation festival in Russia, by tradition, will present all the newest and most interesting from the world of cartoons.

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