A song about how project creation turned into hell

Hi, Habr! My name is Vladimir, I am 15 years old, I am Junior Python Developer and in combination will also be an amateur designer in this story. Now I am in the 9th grade (who would have thought) and intend to tell you about our lost project.

It's about the application CARWATCH (yes, exactly), which we created as a large and solid project, but rested on its internal amateurs and Yandex.Transport.

Our team consisted of 8 people and a blackboard on the Trello wall :

  • Web programmers x2
  • Python programmers x3
  • Java programmers x2
  • C ++ - programmer
  • Designer
  • Analytics №1
  • Analytics №2

You say, "It's not 8 people, you illiterate its ... personality!". I will answer that you just do not understand anything. Almost all of our team were forced to cover 2 or more categories. So, for example, I was a Python programmer, a designer (you can see how), a system administrator (in some way) and an administrator.

And what did we do?

We worked on a public transport tracking application. Yes, Yandex did, so what? Then it seemed to be a very cool idea and we clutched at it, as if it were air.

CARWATCH would help passengers more conveniently plan their day, letting them know where their bus is now, when it’s time to get out in order to catch it.

Early application concepts. Yes, we did not pay for drains.

And why you, and not Yandex?

We have always put the small size of the team to their advantage. CARWATCH would be the application that makes people for the people.

Our advantage is that at any moment we can create a function that the user needs, but which is absent in the applications of our competitors.

Why is creating an application turned into hell?

Our composition was different from the traditional.

None of us had the heart to say the “Bye!” Java pro-programmer, even knowing that he didn’t do anything necessary and wasn’t at all, nor to find intelligent people, since we ourselves couldn’t get out of this swamp.

The main part of our application was not the application itself, but the server. And it was written terribly. Editing at least something in it led to a bunch of errors and the desire to rewrite everything to hell. And I'm not joking.

The design was created in the early days, but later it turned out that fulfill all the requirements drawn up by the guideline was impossible (JAVA- heretic -programmist could do nothing planned).

How we tried to find money no matter what.

Somehow in the morning we came across an aggregator for startups from yellowrockets (tyk) . Having never participated in events like this, we realized that it would be worthwhile for us to participate. At that time, all that was ready was design and concept. We could only assume if we could participate. On the same day, our prepad contacted them and said that everything was OK.

The event took place in 3 days. In the first - gave homework for which we scored. The presentation of the project was completed on the knees the next morning.

For 3 days, 4 people of 14-15 years old at that time were able to prove to 40-year-old men that they want to buy a design and 8 programmers. So we were chosen to participate in the next tour this fall, which we will not attend.

And then Yandex and its Transport came to our city.

In general, everything broke about Yandex. We realized that it was pointless to fight giants and scored on CARWATCH.

Of course, during the work various photojabs also arose:

Well, our secret talisman:

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