Friday's webinars from Skillbox: freelancing and programming

    Tomorrow is a weekend, which means there is still some time to learn before you go on holiday. Today's selection is about web programming and mobile development. In addition, there are several webinars about freelancing.
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    How to programmer to make money on freelance

    The author of the webinar is the leading Badoo software engineer Mikhail Ovchinnikov. He talks about how a programmer can earn on freelancing. There are several advantages to “free floating”: Mikhail talks about them and supports successful freelancers with case studies.

    How to become a web programmer

    BelkaCar development manager Alexander Ponomarev shows that just a web programmer is too narrow a specialization; it is necessary to prepare in advance for the development of related "specialties". The webinar covers topics such as choosing the first employer, directions for development and training.
    Online course "Profession Web Developer"

    Getting Android Application Development

    If you already have the skills of Android development, you can try to create an application, albeit a simple one. Leading webinars show how this is done, as well as talk about the nuances of development for this OS.

    We create a web page with HTML / CSS

    Practical webinar, leading to create a web page, in parallel revealing the features of HTML and CSS. These are basic technologies; if you have never done layout, then start with this lesson.
    Practical annual course "PHP-developer" .

    Mobile development. The first steps

    The author of the webinar is Daniil Pilipenko, director of the Symbio Way center. He talks about mobile development and features of this area. This webinar helps novice developers to understand the intricacies of creating mobile applications and the specifics of the mobile developer profession.
    Practical course "Mobile Developer PRO"

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