Interview with a skype scammer

    A few days ago, Sergey Dolya talked about how scammers hacked his friend’s skype and started sending out messages on the contact list asking them to transfer money. For several hours, the attackers, according to the estimates of Doli himself, managed to get more than 250,000 rubles. This was also written by tjournal .

    The divorce scheme is far from new. One of the most famous stories on this subject is described almost two years ago. I am ashamed to admit, but about a year ago I myself became a victim of the same (same?) Scammers. One of the old acquaintances, from whom nothing had been heard for a long time, suddenly wrote with a request to transfer some money, because "it is very necessary." Yes, yes, I know, “how can this be”, “well, what a sucker” and all that. In general, I just wish you not to come across.

    But just the other day, one of my contacts, with which I also had not corresponded for a long time, unexpectedly wrote and ... yes, I asked for a loan of several thousand. This time, of course, I understood everything from the first two phrases, but decided not to kill the intrigue, but to have some fun. However, nothing funny came of this. I was wondering what the fraudster would do when he discovers that nothing came to his account, although the victim confirmed the transfer. In fact, it turned out that a person on the other side can not always check the account for which he asks to throw money.

    From the Shares article, I remember a screenshot in which one of his friends asks scammers to give an interview, but they refuse. Well, since there was such a chance, I also decided to ask for an interview. Suddenly, I managed to get answers to many interesting questions. Below I bring our dialogue in a minor artwork.
    It’s clear that this doesn’t attract a full-fledged interview, a person from the other side, was at work, so he answered shortly and dryly, but I rather did not ask questions, but tried to make assumptions that could be supplemented briefly either to refute.



    Having made sure that it won’t work out to play a scammer, I ask for an interview.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to take all the screenshots (now the owner has regained access, and for some reason, all correspondence has disappeared until a certain point, while the last part of the “interview” is still in place), the comrade complains below that such requests about the interview became more frequent, and they were tired, wow. He hesitates a little, but in the end agrees.

    About work"

    - How many people work for you?
    - The people - 11 offices, 7 in the Russian Federation and 4 more in the CIS. How many people in each office - I don’t know. In ours - 7, but on shifts. I saw two more people, if their change is the same, then we have a total of 14.

    - How is anonymity ensured?
    - From what I know: there is a proxy and VPN, and somehow through the Dedik there is a connection.

    - How are accounts hacked? Who is doing this?
    - Akki are taken away xs like, they just provide them to us.

    - And the purses for which the money is being merged, are they also stolen?
    - We merge only on those that give us. I don’t know where they come from.

    - That is, your task is only to correctly breed? What kind of operators are psychologists?
    - Exactly. They only let me into the office after reading two books on psychology. A sucker is not a mammoth, a sucker will not die out.
    - Unfortunately, you can’t argue with that.
    - That's how we live.

    - And there is such a wiring when people can’t throw a kiwi, but maybe, say, a poison. Then he is asked to throw another victim on the poison, and this one is already asked to be thrown on a kiwi. Often this happens? Is it difficult to synchronize two victims?
    - No, we also have poisons, it’s just more expensive to personalize them, so they are less likely to give them to us. Well, in general, the decree is such that it’s better not to translate them.
    - Apparently, the last time I came across a competing organization.

    About money

    - How do you get your salary?
    - By bank transfer.
    - Depends on the volume of "profit"?
    - Of course, directly.
    “Can you even name the order?” Tens of thousands, hundreds?
    - 100 thousand per month and free. 40% to you. If it’s more than 100 a month, it’s 50%, but you can’t take more than 14 thousand from one victim, and more than 200 thousand a month is also impossible.
    - Why is the upper monthly limit? What is the point? Are you afraid that you get rich too quickly and fall down?
    “No, I think they just have some kind of cash out limits there.” Therefore limit.

    About security

    - There is no fear that they will catch? Does the employer guarantee safety somehow?
    - I think that the security measures that they take are enough. In any case, if anything, we are under pressure. If you don’t work, they will find something for you. Or they’ll do something ... I don’t want to talk about it now.

    - Is this the main job? Or just as a side job?
    - A side job that goes into the main, if you work well.
    - Well, 50% with a maximum of 200k is 100k per month. It does not sound like a good salary for this kind of activity, as it seems to me.
    - Well, yes, rather, a side job.


    - But in fact, the most interesting thing I always wanted to ask is: when you get a Skype account, do you read the previous correspondence in order to better fit into the conversation? In order not to burn on some personal trifles or something like that?
    - Depending on skype. If you see that a good result is possible, then you can spend a little time and get a grasp.
    - And how is this visible?
    - By contact names, skype history, etc.
    - Can you give an example, if not difficult? How can one understand by name whether a person has money or not? I can assume that it’s easy to distinguish students by nicknames, and they are more likely insolvent. Something like this?
    - First name, middle name, last name - it looks more serious than “Katya”, “Masha”, “Dasha”, “Sanya”.
    - Damn, we urgently need to change the data on Skype.
    - Subscribe "maximum", and everything will be buzzing: D
    - Is it better to something like Uni4t0ZHitel2001, right?
    - Ooh yes. And remove the date of birth on Skype.

    Labor productivity

    - How many conversations do you have at the same time?
    - In different ways) It depends on how they respond. Somewhere from 3 to 20.
    - Is there any record? 20 really was?
    - There were more. For example, 170 contacts, of which 70 are online, of which 30 answered immediately. But many are quickly eliminated.

    - What is the average percentage of successful wiring? From the number of respondents, let’s say so. Well, that is, there was a dialogue with 30 contacts, of which 10 transferred money, then there will be 33%.
    - It very much depends on the audience.
    - Well, let's say what do you consider a successful result? 10%? 20, 50?
    - Success is not in percentage, but in the amount of money. Therefore, interest is meaningless.

    Future plans

    - How long do you plan to do this? Any other future plans?
    - I think if I collect enough capital, I’ll go to white topics. Hopefully soon, by summer.
    - And what is your experience already?
    - Six months.

    Work searches"

    - Did you find this “job” by announcement? Or through friends? How does this even happen?
    - Ad.
    - How is the job description encoded in the ad? Did you immediately realize that there is something else?
    “This cannot be assumed ... I can’t talk to you anymore, sorry.”
    - Ok, thanks for the answers! There will be a case - write more from other accounts.
    - You have more than 230 contacts, so it is possible. Bye.

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