Django 1.8 released

    According to the official Django blog , on April 1, 2015, a new version of Django was released - 1.8. This version will have Long-Term Support for at least three more years.

    Of the interesting innovations -
    • built-in support for different template engines (API is defined and built-in support for Jinja2 is added);
    • support for complex SQL statements in ORM, including if - then - else expressions;
    • API defined for Model._meta;
    • New PostgreSQL-specific functionality added to contrib.postgres.

    See release notes for more information on the release .

    With this release, support for Django 1.6 ends.
    For Django 1.7, they will release security updates until the release of Django 1.9, scheduled for October 2015.
    The previous long-term version, Django 1.4, will receive security updates until October 1, 2015.

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