K-Meleon 75: current status, bugs, links, etc.

    Well, after a rather long introduction and presentation of the browser, let's talk about the current state of affairs with it.

    Today, K-Meleon is on the verge of release 75, built on the 31st ESR engine. Despite the rapid "forced obsolescence" of browsers, the 75th is fully relevant. The most important task of the developer, Dorian, was probably the relatively large-scale changes in the original functionality of the KM, as well as the further adaptation of the Mozilla engine, which is pleased to pose problems to anyone who dares to invade its territory.

    Despite long efforts, even the 2nd release candidate is not free from some unpleasant bugs, but a lot of problems have been happily resolved. At the same time, a rather decent amount of significant functionality has been added to the browser.

    Potential development participantsshould interest:
    • a new skinning system with full support for image transparency (previously it was only partially supported, and by default the icons used a “trick” - the so-called magic pink (when the transparent areas were painted in a magenta). It is clear that it was not always possible to achieve smooth edges of the icons ( more precisely, magic pink could be “embedded” under the gradient transparency of the actual icons on the buttons, but saving such smooth transitions to a browser-supported format was akin to witchcraft. using a combination of 2 programs for working with icons, but I couldn’t clearly fix the algorithm. Probably, there would be no secret for professional graphic designers, but for ordinary and even advanced users, creating anti-aliased icons was a trick for verge of alchemy ;-).
      KM supports working with BMP files with alpha channel, as well as regular PNG, as well as other formats that support transparency.
    • changes in the macro language, some of which are also aimed at expanding the ability to work with buttons on the panel (control of the behavior and state of buttons is previously quite primitive), as well as adding other additional features for macro writers.

      For details (if someone is really interested in creating new macros for KM) I invite you to the official forum: all the latest information and discussion of new commands and functions is only there - in English.

    From the point of view of users, the most important innovations are:
    • fundamental possibility of simple installation of some Firefox extensions (more precisely, you can install any extension, but you can work in KM only with those that are adapted).
      It is important to note here that among the ready-to-use in KM there is an unconditional leader in user preferences - AdBlockPlus. In addition, on the official website in the Extensions section, you can find dozens of other "adaptants".
      But not all extensions here can be adapted with little blood - a discussion in the comments of the situation with GreaseMonkey clearly confirms this. Also today, a full-fledged adaptation of NoScript is impossible, as well as a host of other add-ons that are actively integrated into the Firefox GUI;
    • the emergence of a full-fledged download manager;
    • the appearance of a spell checker;
    • the appearance of the quick restart function of the browser;
    • the correction of a number of small, but annoying errors that could not be shot to release 74 (it’s better not to recall them).

    Today, however, some problems remain uncorrected in the browser :
    • So, when adding bookmarks using the Ctrl + D key combination or using the button on the panel, the link address is not entered in the corresponding field. This can be avoided by disabling the "Use the dialog box when creating a new bookmark" function (then the bookmarks will be automatically saved to the root of the bookmark tree) or by adding a bookmark directly to the desired folder from the Bookmarks menu using the "Add a bookmark here" command.

      A more radical way to remedy the situation is to replace the k-bookmark plugin itself (kplugins \ bookmarks.dll) with the same file from K-Meleon 1.6.
    • the browser continues to experience some problems with focusing, which is why periodically (rather from assembly to assembly than from start to start) hot keys stop working or commands from context menus do not work from the first click, or the cursor does not want to be placed in the text input field , or do not grab the scroll; theoretically, other similar effects are possible, but they are all being gradually shot.
    • a bug was reported about the inability to open a frame in a new window from the context menu, and I even somehow reproduced this bug, but now I'm tired of looking for a page with frames to test. Most likely, the bug is alive, but 99% of users will never notice this.

    So, fresh builds (with installer and portable), posted less than a day ago, can be downloaded on the official website .
    You can discuss and report them there, on the Russian forum K-Meleon and on the board.

    Something useful for yourself about K-Meleon and the intricacies of working with it can be found (although a lot is outdated):

    You can also join the Facebook community of the browser , but personally, I will be pleased if you add the nice - looking K-MeleonTwin to your twitter contacts .

    PS I’m preparing to release the first “official Russian” assembly in which something will be added , something fixed, something set up, etc. However, it will also be more likely a candidate for releases, as the first time it’s rarely possible to do without jambs. Follow the news! ;-)

    Russian team K-Meleon

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