Weekly build Vivaldi


    Today we released a new weekly build of the Vivaldi browser under the number In it, we continued to work on the placement of tabs. In particular, now it is possible to open tabs in one window both vertically and horizontally. We also added the ability to arrange tabs with tiles.

    Spatial navigation began to work better and faster, in addition to optimizing this function, we decided to use indexing.

    We also worked with notes and added the ability to add multiple attachments to one note.

    However, we try not to stay on the Internet. In this assembly, we added the ability to view images in local folders on your computer. You can also use the "Transition" button when viewing pictures. Plus, it became possible to work with a local disk using system paths in the address bar.

    The changes affected the auto-update system for the Windows platform. It has become simpler and now you will not need to download the installation package - only the browser code will be updated. True, you can evaluate these changes only after the next build :)

    And one more important news. On Wednesday, we planned to release the next Technical Preview at number 3, so today's assembly acts as a testing ground for bugs and flaws that would be nice to fix by the release of TP3. We are waiting for your help in this interesting matter :)

    Links for downloading the browser:

    Full list of changes:

    • Improved spatial navigation, also added live indexing
    • VB-4656 Using active tab color for progressbar
    • VB-78 Added vertical tiling and tiling of selection.
    • VB-4672 Going to fullscreen with bookmark bar visible takes long time
    • VB-4576 Content lost in address field after switch to another tab.
    • VB-4637 Autoupdate needs to pass install directory to installer.
    • VB-4468 notes deletion via context menu
    • VB-2171 notes URL http injection fixed
    • VB-4104 Add multiple attachments to Notes
    • VB-70 updating tiled view on closed page
    • VB-1376 Move addressbar out of webpage stack
    • VB-1605 Disk URLs do not work
    • VB-2894 When closed the last active tab, browser is closing
    • VB-4525 Default keyboard shortcut update mess

    That's all for today. We remind you that the weekly builds are test, so do not forget to back up important data. Report errors found at the previous address .

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