Audiophile Headphones: Bose QC35 and QC25

Published on May 04, 2017

Audiophile Headphones: Bose QC35 and QC25

    High-quality headphones - the dream of many music lovers. Unfortunately, there are not so many of them on the market, and even good headphones can have drawbacks - for example, some people get tired of their ears or lack some functions. As lovers of good music and convenient devices to listen to it, the Madrobots team follows the portable sound market.

    Today I want to talk about two excellent models of headphones from the company Bose. One model is wired, the other works without wires. But both - and comfortable, and have high-quality sound. It is about Bose QC35 and QC25.

    Bose QuietComfort 35

    Wireless headphones QuietComfort 35 are considered to be among the best among the models with noise reduction. The quality is already visible when unpacking. The company has always stood out for its accessories - everything is made stylishly and tastefully.

    Included are headphones, 2.5-3.5 mm cable, headphone case and USB cable.

    The headphones themselves are quite heavy - heavier than the wired model (309 grams versus 195 grams). But not enough to bring discomfort.

    The music controls are located on the right cup - these are the volume buttons, rewind, play / pause and call answer button. After a couple of quickly get used to the headphones, the inconvenience when working with them does not arise.


    It's hard to explain, but the headphones are really comfortable. The quality of music is a separate issue, but comfort must be felt. You can try to wear other headphones, and then use these - the difference will be noticeable.

    The headband of the headphone is made relatively wide and covered with suede. During a long flight, in the office, during work - you can wear them everywhere. Headphones can be called a designer, because most of the elements can be replaced. For example, if the cable bends or breaks, you can buy a new one. Ambushuru worn out much? Also not a problem, you can install new ones by gently pushing on all the latches. The design is durable, should not break.

    As for noise cancellation, there are no extraneous noises when listening to music in these headphones. In principle, the absence of a wire does not affect the quality of music playback. In some models of other manufacturers there are certain problems associated with the lack of wires (some kind of interference, etc.). There is nothing like this here.

    Headphones are connected to the phone via Bluetooth. By the way, the model does not support streaming via Bluetooth APT-x, so you should keep this in mind.

    The battery lasts about 20 hours of work. It is built-in, unlike previous models, where AAA batteries were used. 20 hours is, of course, the maximum that can be achieved in optimal conditions. In a typical situation, the charge lasts for 16-17 hours, which is also a good indicator.


    As for the sound, no complaints. The frequency range is very wide, the sound is rich, rich and deep. High and low frequencies reproduce the same well, without comment.

    In headphones, you can enjoy vocal singing, guitar and any other music - the benefit of mids allows you to do it.

    Some call Bose QC35 the best wireless noise-canceling headphones in 2016. But in 2017 they occupy the top lines of the rating.

    What is worth highlighting in these headphones?

    It seems to us that this is all:

    • Almost perfect noise reduction;
    • Excellent microphone - the sound quality when talking is excellent;
    • Not too heavy and comfortable;
    • Long offline mode.


    • Perhaps the lack of apt-x and that's it.

    Characteristics :

    • Material: plastic, leather;
    • Bluetooth support: is;
    • USB port: is;
    • Built-in battery: there is;
    • Cable length: 1.2 m;
    • Dimensions: 180 x 170 x 81 mm;
    • Weight: 309 g

    Where can one buy? In Russia, Bose QC35 headphones are available at Madrobots.

    Bose QuietComfort 25

    This is a wired model, which also stands out among all the other headphones. Not only because the QC25 is equipped with a classy noise reduction system, but also due to the wide range of reproduced frequencies. It seems to me that in these headphones the Bose company surpassed itself.

    Included are headphones, carrying case, airplane adapter, documentation, and an AAA battery. The cable here is 3.5 mm on one side and 2.5 mm on the other.

    I noticed that most of the company's headphone models are gray. But Bose QuietComfort 25 is distinguished by the fact that there are elements painted in other colors, mainly black and blue. It is possible that when choosing headphones this played a significant role.

    Headphones sit perfectly, the pressure is almost not felt. They hold tight, so that they can be safely used while running or training in the gym. Tabs on the inside are covered with material like faux suede. This is a good move, because this material is pleasant to the touch, plus resistant to external influences.

    Headphones fold, they can be easily transported or carried. The connection uses a 2.5 mm cable that can be easily replaced in case of damage or loss. On the bundled wire there is a small remote with several buttons with which you can control the playback of music. The buttons are comfortable, you can find them by touch.

    Despite the fact that the headphones are wired, a battery is used here. And yes, “battery” is the right word. Instead of a battery, the developers decided to add a regular AAA battery, which lasts for 35 hours of operation of the device. The battery is needed for the operation of the active noise cancellation system, which is what distinguishes these headphones.

    Personally for me, the fact that you can listen to music in them even at low volume in noisy places attracted me. Of course, in the factory with mechanical hammers, punching metal and in Bose QuietComfort 25 will not hear anything. But on the street, transport - everything is OK, checked. Due to the fact that they are foldable, they can be worn even in the pocket of outerwear (in jeans, however, it will not work).

    The sound quality is almost perfect. Including any tune, you can hope for a deep and clear sound. The Bose QC25 is a universal model that allows you to listen to music in comfort, and to shut out the outside world. Most models from other manufacturers allow you to do either the first or the second, in the case of the QC25 this is a good combo. It also has an Active EQ system, which automatically adjusts the sound to what the user is listening to. That is, modes like “cinema, jazz, classic”, etc. regulated automatically.


    • Powered by AAA batteries;
    • There are 3 function buttons;
    • Active noise cancellation system.


    Third-party high-frequency noises still make their way. If, for example, you sit next to a noisy child in the subway, it will still be heard (tested on personal experience). So try to avoid people with high voices.


    • View: headphones with a microphone, monitor;
    • Connection: with wire, compatible with iPhone / Android (2 different models);
    • Headphone type: dynamic;
    • Active noise cancellation system: yes;
    • Weight: 195 g;
    • Construction: folding;
    • Cable type: detachable;
    • Cable connection: one-sided;
    • Headphone jack: mini jack 3.5 mm;
    • The shape of the headphone jack: L-shaped;
    • Type of batteries: AAA;
    • Battery life:
    • 35 hours;
    • Features: removable ear cushions, adapter for aircraft.

    And where to buy these wonderful headphones?
    Of course, we have Madrobots. There are two options - for Android and for the iPhone .