"Second Player". The story of the "ghost" of the father in a computer game

Published on April 21, 2016

"Second Player". The story of the "ghost" of the father in a computer game

    In 2014, the guy named 00WARTHERAPY00 left a comment on YouTube under the video “ Can video games carry spiritual experience? ". He told his small but very touching story.

    The story was sold online and even published on Habré , and now it itself has become a plot for a short film. The film is called " The second player » ( Player Get of Two ).

    Comment 00WARTHERAPY00
    I was four years old when my father bought the good old Xbox. You know, that first, massive brick of 2001 of release. We played on him very, very much in a variety of games and had fun together - until he died, when I was only six years old.

    I could not touch this console for ten years.

    But once I did it, and noticed something. My father and I often played the Rally Sports Challenge races, for those times it was a pretty cool game.

    And once I began to dig ... and found a GHOST.


    Do you know that during the race the fastest lap is recorded as a "ghost" racer? Yes, you understood correctly, the ghost of my father was still driving around the track in circles.

    So, I started to drive and drive, until almost overtook him. And once I was able to get ahead, I overtook him, and ...

    ... I stopped right in front of the finish line so that the “ghost” would not overwrite.