Federal officials will use the smartphone on the Russian OS

Published on May 16, 2018

Federal officials will use the smartphone on the Russian OS


    The president of Rostelecom, Mikhail Oseevsky, said that the company hopes that Russian officials will switch to work on mobile devices with the domestic operating system Sailfish. The largest provider of digital services has already prepared a project and submitted it for consideration to the Ministry of Communications, as reported by Vedomosti.

    According to the project, employees of federal services and departments will use Inoi R7 smartphones, which operate on the basis of the Sailfish OS. As far as one can understand, if the document is accepted, officials will simply be obliged to use these smartphones. Mikhail Oseevsky, President of Rostelecom, expressed hope that the project will be approved this summer and new changes will come into force in the near future.

    In addition, Oseevsky told the press that his company is already negotiating with vendors about the release of smartphones with Sailfish, however, so far the names of the companies have not been named.

    In March of this year, the board of directors of the provider decided to purchase a 75% stake in Open Mobile Platform and Votron, which were developing the Russian operating system for mobile devices.

    Half a year ago, one of the representatives of the Russian IT market said that the draft UST structures may require investments up to $ 10– $ 20 million. A representative of Berezkin said at the same time that it would be tens of millions of dollars. And the entrepreneur himself estimated the entire asset of the project at $ 50 million.

    Two years ago, under the leadership of "Votron", a company of OMP was created, which started to create and develop Sailfish Mobile OS RUS. This is the only mobile operating platform that is included in the Russian registry of domestic software. And while only one smartphone is adapted for it. In 2017, 15,000 gadgets were purchased for the Post of Russia, at the same time the Inoi R7 smartphone was donated to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

    The phone, which is referred to in the news, is on sale today, the gadget is sold at a price of 11,990 rubles.