Lecture "Animals and Space"

Published on December 27, 2016

Lecture "Animals and Space"

    Last Friday in Kotokaya Kotokafay I gave a popular science lecture “Animals and Space”, in which I told the story of flights of different animals, touched the question of why it was done, and ended up flying cats in space and their behavior in weightlessness. In the publication with the last lecture there were many comments with wishes to make an article on the same topic. But so far, it does not seem to me an interesting idea to express with the text what I just recently said. Therefore, as an experiment, this time I will do this: the video block goes to kata, and under the cut other videos as additional materials. If the topic is not interesting, it makes no sense to look under the cut.

    American film 1953 Animals in Rocket Flight.

    A film about Ham chimpanzees who made a suborbital flight on the "Mercury".

    Domestic film "Belka, Strelka and Others" of 2009.

    Capsule "Bion-M" immediately after landing (2013).

    And the press conference on the results of the flight.

    Lectures of the Institute of Biomedical Problems RAS. Irina Ogneva, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Cell Biophysics Group, SSC RF-IMBP RAS, “Weightlessness and Early Animal Development” (from 2:29:22).

    Andreev-Andrievsky Alexander, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Laboratory of Physiology of Muscular Activity, SSC RF-IMBP RAN, “Why do we need cosmonauts mice?” (From 1:54:14).

    French experiments with cats.

    Another chronicle.

    And, of course, videos with cats in zero gravity, which were used in the presentation.