OnePlus 3: the most anticipated Android-new summer

Published on June 30, 2016

OnePlus 3: the most anticipated Android-new summer

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    At the end of June, the premiere from the Chinese company OnePlus was a big event. This manufacturer suddenly broke into the market of modern smartphones in 2014 and immediately established itself as a supplier of powerful and high-quality devices. Not surprisingly, the release of the latest news from OnePlus causes such a stir.

    Last week, OnePlus 3 received a notification from the FSB and is now officially available to Russian buyers. In retail, he has already appeared and, as usual, at an inflated price. You can save by ordering it in the USA. The “killer” flagships and the most productive Android smartphone are in the brand store in America even cheaper than in their Chinese homeland.

    Why is the novelty attracting so much attention? The third model from OnePlus is a strict and concise design of the case, which immediately catches the eye. At this time, the manufacturer abandoned the hard plastic and interchangeable panels in favor of the all-metal case. Refined and elegant lines, aluminum and glass - all, like the flagship models.

    Oneplus 3: half an hour charge for the whole day

    The Chinese have equipped a new OnePlus 5.5-inch SuperAMOLED-display with a resolution of 1080p and a slightly curved panel Gorilla Glass 4. They tried to change the parameters of contrast and color temperature to make the picture more realistic and to achieve a better display in bright sun. Judging by the reviews, they did it quite well, but the color rendition still had difficulties. The first users of OnePlus 3 noticed excessive saturation of colors on the screen - a more accurate display will come to the phone with the first update.

    Oneplus 3: strength test

    The technical power of the new OnePlus is impressive: inside there is a quad-core Snapdragon 820 processor with a frequency of 2.15 GHz and 6 GB of RAM type LPDDR4. A similar processor is included in the "stuffing" of the more expensive Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, HTC 10 and LG G5.

    After the release of the phone in America, the manufacturer was hit by a barrage of negativity associated with the unproductive work of 6 GB of RAM. Despite the impressive amount of memory, OnePlus can keep only 3-4 applications in the background. CEO of the company Karl Pei explained the lack of desire to increase the battery life of the device, but recently the company still decided to correct the error. With the first update, OnePlus should work to its full potential.

    Another feature cannot be fixed so quickly - the phone is represented by a single version with 64 GB of internal memory. For many, this is a reason for frustration.

    With the original solution in OnePlus approached the problem of autonomy. They believe that users do not need a phone that will last a day without recharging - then its price will rise markedly. It is better, let it charge faster. This concept was implemented in the new OnePlus 3. The battery capacity of 3000 mA allows you to use your smartphone in a quiet mode for 10 hours. USB Type-C transmits up to 100 watts of power and doubles the speed of data transfer compared to USB 3.0. Dash Charge technology recovers battery power by 60% in half an hour. Impressive if it were not for the obvious minus - only original accessories provide the shortest charging time. On the official OnePlus website, it is better to immediately buy a car charger for $ 33 and a spare “charge” for $ 20.

    Oneplus 3 vs iPhone 6s

    One of the most important elements of modern smartphones is the camera. There are two of them: a Sony IMX179 frontal 8-megapixel camera with electronic stabilization and a Sony IMX298 16-megapixel camera with optical stabilization (this time OnePlus decided to abandon laser autofocus and dual LED flash). The main camera supports phase autofocus and the ability to record video format 4K. Manual adjustment allows you to set the ISO, shutter speed and exposure. Front camera - with smile recognition technology and automatic 3-second timer.

    In OnePlus 3, you can insert 2 SIM cards, it is equipped with a fingerprint scanner on the Home button (there are a couple of touch buttons on either side of it).

    The phone weighs 160 grams with a thickness of 7.35 mm (!). Works on proprietary OxygenOS (based on Android Marshmallow). Available in two colors - black and white, in gold they promise to release in July.

    And now - to the main thing. Given all the characteristics, the cost of the device is very surprising: it costs only $ 399.

    One of the major new products of the year is better to buy on the official OnePlus website . Here the price of a smartphone is lower than in China! A parcel can help buy and bring a smartphone from the USA in about 7 days. It is cheaper than taking OnePlus 3 from resellers in Russia (the price is around $ 500) and ordering from unverified retailers in China.