REDMOND SkyGrill RGM-M810S: smart electric grill with oven function

Published on February 16, 2018

REDMOND SkyGrill RGM-M810S: smart electric grill with oven function

Welcome, dear readers! In the family of smart home appliances REDMOND Smart Home replenishment, this time - the contact electric grill REDMOND SkyGrill RGM-M810S .

The novelty can be divided into two main features. The first is the possibility of remote control, both within an apartment or office, and from anywhere in the world. The second is that, thanks to the design of the top frying panel, the REDMOND SkyGrill RGM-M810S can be used not only as an ordinary electric grill, but also as an oven. So, in the first case, you can cook traditional dishes for this device, such as steaks, fish, vegetables, sandwiches, etc. And in the second - to cook dishes that are quite unusual for grilling: pilau, meat baked in foil, various pastries (bread, muffins, etc.) and even dumplings can be cooked. Specify that for the second case, you should use disposable foil utensils.

REDMOND SkyGrill RGM-M810S has corrugated frying surfaces that, in general, is quite common for electric grill. This texture provides many favorite stripes on ready meals. In addition, the juice and fat from the products during cooking is not fried and does not burn on the frying surfaces, but flows along the grooves between the ribs into the pan to collect liquids. Frying surfaces have a non-stick coating that allows you to cook with a minimum amount of butter, or even without it. For example, a steak is simply smeared with olive or sunflower oil with a brush. And if it is marbled beef or pork (that is, fatty meat), then oil will not be required at all.

The design of the REDMOND SkyGrill RGM-M810S provides a removable tray for collecting liquids (juice and fat) that are released during the cooking process. Thus, at the end of cooking, the pan can be easily removed and cleaned. Surprisingly, today there are still many modern models of electric grills do not have this option. Included with such devices are either small cups that you need to substitute at the corners of the frying surface to collect liquids, or nothing at all, that is, you have to substitute plates, which is not very convenient, and it looks unaesthetic.

By the way, about the care of REDMOND SkyGrill RGM-M810S. Thanks to the non-stick coating, the frying panels are easy to clean. At the end of cooking, you must unplug the grill, put a damp cloth on the frying surface and cover it with the top panel. After that, you need to wait 3-5 minutes, take out a cloth and wipe the frying surfaces with a dry soft cloth or paper towel.

Another nice feature of the REDMOND SkyGrill RGM-M810S is the floating top hob. Due to this design, the top cover is lowered vertically on the products, and not at an angle. Thus, the products are pressed tightly and evenly (which is important), and if you are preparing sandwiches or burgers - nothing moves and does not fall out. In addition, this design allows you to use this model as an oven and bake meat in foil, cook muffins, bread, rice and more.

The REDMOND SkyGrill RGM-M810S electric grill can be controlled in two ways: using the switch on the grill itself or remotely. With the first method, everything is clear, there is nothing unusual here - everything is like that of most electric grills. It is worth noting that the convenient location of the switch is on the top of the device, and not in the front (as in the majority of models). That is, the switch and light indicators of the work will not be sprayed with fat and juices. The second way to control the grill - remote - is much more interesting and convenient, we will tell about it in more detail.

To begin, we recall that the remote control of smart appliances REDMOND is carried out using the free single mobile application Ready for Sky, which is installed on a smartphone or tablet (there are versions for Android and for iOS). This application for the REDMOND SkyGrill RGM-M810S has a built-in recipe book. Yes, a paper book is supplied with the device, but it is much more convenient to use the electronic version, all the more you can start cooking directly from the recipe page - the grill will select the required cooking time. There are many recipes, here you will find both meat steaks, fish, chicken wings, steaks, sandwiches, burgers, grilled vegetables and many recipes for dishes in foil dishes. In addition, there is a wide selection of baking recipes that can be prepared on the REDMOND SkyGrill RGM-M810S: cookies,

Conveniently, each recipe indicates not only the number of ingredients, the order and time of cooking, but also the calculation of calories - useful to those who follow a diet. It is also important that the recipes from the application are selected by the chefs specifically for this model of electric grill. Therefore, if you find a third-party recipe on the Internet, the cooking time may vary. As for the recipes from the built-in book, they provide the optimal cooking time, the smart grill will cook everything by itself and automatically turn off. That is, nothing will burn. The function of heating the dish after cooking is also provided, which is also very convenient. REDMOND SkyGrill RGM-M810S is able to maintain the temperature of the finished dish for up to 3 hours. If you wish, you can independently adjust the heating temperature depending on the recommendations and personal taste preferences. At the same time, the maximum heating temperature of a smart grill is 230 degrees, which is more than enough even for cooking thick steaks of full roasting.

At the end of cooking, the smart grill will alert you through the app with a beep. That is, you do not need to stand over the device, note the time and wait for the end of cooking - REDMOND SkyGrill RGM-M810S will do everything by itself.

The application has a recipe search function, so finding the right one is easy. For convenience, you can add your favorite recipes to your favorites. In addition, on the main screen of the application displays the latest recipes that you have prepared. There are also two main sections here: cooking and heating.

Another remote control function is cooking at a given time. That is, you just need to put the ingredients in the grill and set the time when you want to get the finished dish. The maximum delayed start time is 12 hours.

A little bit about warming up. You can get out of the refrigerator, say, cutlets, put them on the frying panel, set the temperature lever to “two” (that is, “ON”) and start heating up from the smartphone right now or after a certain time.

It should be added that the developers promise to constantly improve the Ready for Sky application. For example, in the near future, you can add your own recipes to the recipe book.

As for the cost of REDMOND SkyGrill RGM-M810S, the novelty is estimated at 6,999 rubles. Is it expensive for an electric grill with a remote control function and can be used as an oven? Let's just say, about the same grills, but without the possibility of remote control are slightly cheaper than the hero of this material. That is a useful option in the REDMOND SkyGrill RGM-M810S you get almost free.