Einscan S and Einscan PRO Overview

Published on October 12, 2016

Einscan S and Einscan PRO Overview

The company Shining3D, which is engaged in the production of equipment for 3D-scanning and printing, presented to the public at once two interesting devices.

This is a compact desktop 3D-scanner EinScan-S , which appeared last year, and the world's first professional industrial 3D-scanner Einscan Pro , a novelty of this year.

Both scanners are made in convenient and compact cases for their functionality. Both devices are capable of scanning objects both in automatic mode, using a special electric rotary table, and in manual mode, which greatly increases their range of applications.

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EinScan-S is similar to a fancy webcam or gaming device for reading movements, such as a kinekta. A small box of black plastic, which can be used holding in your hands, putting it on a regular stand or setting up on a tripod.

In the kit, besides the stand, there is also an automatic swivel table for scanning objects up to 20 x 20 x 20 centimeters in size.

Automatic scanning using the table takes less than three minutes.

A free manual scan is made by sector, 10 seconds per sector, and allows you to scan objects up to 70 centimeters in size for each measurement.

Scanning accuracy is 0.1-0.2 millimeter. Unlike his “big brother”, EinScan-S scans only the relief, without information about the color, but it does so equally well and quickly.

The set weighs 6.6 kilograms in a package, without packaging, the equipment itself - 3.5 kg. The scanner consumes 50 watts of power from a standard 100-230 volt power supply, is compatible with Windows and the most popular professional 3D processing software. Comes in two trim levels - the base already has a table stand and a swivel table, the usual photo stand is added to the extended one.

Scanner price: $ 1299

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First of its kind

Einscan Pro is the first 3D scanner in the world, combining the properties of an industrial hand-held device and a desktop, no more, no less. In the minimum configuration, in the base set, the delivery set only the scanner itself.

There is also a kit with an additional color camera — for scanning full-color 3D, an “industrial set” (industrial pack) —with an automatic turntable and a special tripod with a holder (a conventional tripod does not fit it), and a complete set including all of the above.

Einscan Pro provides scanning resolution of 50 microns, in the appropriate configuration - scanning in color, and also suitable for scanning large objects that are inaccessible to other 3D scanners.

Due to the design features, this scanner can be used as a desktop, for automatic scanning of small objects, and as a manual one, for scanning anything - you can scan, for example, a whole living person in a matter of minutes, creating a full-color full-length portrait.

Taking into account the low weight - only 800 grams, and due to the presence of a convenient handle, the scanner allows for a long manual scan of fairly large objects.

Such equipment, especially - complete with a 3D-printer, will be very useful for designers, engineers, architects and many others. Considering the possibility of scanning with preservation of color information, this scanner can be useful both to physicians and artists, including those specializing in digital art, creating virtual art objects and holograms.

Yes, you never know areas where such a gadget would be useful? No fantasy is enough to list everything.

Now we are becoming living witnesses of the emergence of a fundamentally new class of devices. EinsScan-S, with its affordable price and laconic design, which can come to every home, and Einscan Pro, which gives the possibilities unprecedented for such a compact and light device, are only the first heralds of the oncoming 3D boom.

The combination of three-dimensional scanning and printing technologies opens up many new opportunities that people previously could not even imagine, and their application can be found in almost any field of activity.

Price Einscan Pro $ 4999

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3D scans made with Shining-3D:

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