Lenovo will release at least 12 Moto Mods

Published on January 23, 2017

Lenovo will release at least 12 Moto Mods

Lenovo continues to expand its Moto Mods line. These are interchangeable modules for Moto Z, Moto Z Force and Moto Z Play smartphones, which expand the functionality of the device. Recently it became known that at least twelve new modules will appear during the year.

Especially for the convenience of developers, the company produces the Moto Mods Development Kit (MDK) - a blank for future blocks. It is equipped with USB-C, microUSB-B ports and a special 80-pin connector, which is useful during the development and testing of the module. The unit can be freely bought, the price is 115 euros.

Lenovo has entered into partnerships with Mophie, Incipio and Kate Spade. It can be assumed that each firm is assigned a quarter, for which it will present four modules.

“Our goal is to get more module options than last year”

John Touvannas, Head of Lenovo Moto Mod.

In fact, the figure of twelve is declared as minimal. Surely there will be more modules. In addition, Lenovo is launching a campaign on Indiegogo to attract more developers. The authors of the best ideas will receive MDK with all the hardware and software needed to create prototypes and release devices for sale.

Moto Mod senior ecosystem engineer Stephen McDonnell said that "moto mods add new sensors to the smartphone <...> For example, when you connect the JBL model to your smartphone, it will automatically turn off its own speaker and output the sound to the JBL acoustics." To do this, you do not even have to change anything in the settings.

Here are the most interesting ideas that can come true:

- an e-book concept and a module using a front speaker
- LEDs that convey your mood
- a game controller
- a remote control
- additional data storage
- an alarm clock
- a breathalyzer
- a module that helps monitor baby's health (to measure the level of humidity in the room, temperature and other parameters)
- color sensors for people with visual impairment

Lenovo’s main task is to develop a full-fledged ecosystem that will be competitive with Apple and Samsung systems, as well as t family of Z-smartphones from the niche category in the main consumer segment.

What you don't know about Moto Mods

Welcome to Moto headquarters in Chicago. Here ideas for blocks appear and modules are tested.

You can use JBL Moto Mod, which complements the main speaker of the smartphone and increases its volume, as well as equipped with a convenient stand. The product does not look complete, but ...

... we see equipment that checks sound quality.

At the core of each Moto Mod is MDK, or a developer package. Parts like this blank under the board allow developers to solder the necessary elements for new modules.

Team Moto Mod creates its prototypes. Here, for example, a mod with a second touch screen, which is used as a mirror for selfie.

Mophie and Incipio recently announced two new mods for Moto Z smartphones.

Mod Incipio allows you to attach a smartphone to the deflector in the car.

See the buttons on the sides? Click on them to make it easier to release the smartphone from the magnetic holders.

The module can be used in vertical or horizontal orientation. In the second case, Android mode will start.

Mophie Juice Box at first glance does not cause interest.

But its 3000 mAh battery allows you to increase the operating time by 60%.

The module, of course, will make the smartphone thicker, but with it you will not have to worry about the battery charge.

More cameras, more sensors

Unfortunately, at the moment we cannot share the smallest details about future moto mods, however, there is no doubt that the most attention will be paid to cameras, as well as photo and video capabilities. It is possible that some of the new models will receive additional screens. The display on the back panel may be needed, for example, when taking a selfie on the main camera, which is usually better than the front one.