Own audio exhibition: how it was

Published on June 22, 2017

Own audio exhibition: how it was

    In our blog, we have already talked about the exhibition, which was held from April 20 to April 23 in the showrooms of the "Audiomania" at Elektrozavodskaya. Visitors had the opportunity to listen to completely different acoustic systems: Hi-Fi and High End, to evaluate personal solutions and specially designed cinema halls.

    In this article we collected all the information about our new showrooms and how the exhibition was held.

    This cinema

    The main attraction of our exhibition was a specially designed cinema hall. To create sound insulation, we used the construction of a “room inside a room”, which consists of sound-absorbing modules.

    Thanks to the equipment used, the sensations from watching in such a “home” cinema hall were as close as possible to the sensations in a big cinema. A special preparation of the room allowed to exceed the capabilities of ordinary exhibition rooms - visitors could appreciate the acoustics in the "combat" conditions.

    We not only designed and implemented the cinema hall in the showroom, but also used our own production equipment: ICE immersive sound systems .

    All acoustics, including subwoofers, are made in flat cases with a special soft-absorbing Soft Touch coating, which helps to avoid glare when the projector beam hits it.

    Models also have several types of mounting for installation on the ceiling or walls. Acoustics is intended mainly for embedded or hidden installation.

    The powerful Trinnov Altitude 32 AV processor is used to decode multi-channel audio of any format: Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D and DTS: X, so you can choose any technology in this room. The cinema itself, equipped with a 4K video projector and a set of power amplifiers, supports 9.4.6 immersive sound.

    The audience noted that the powerful sound and video series perfectly coped with their task of deep immersion into the atmosphere, and they needed some time to return to reality.

    Invisible Cinema

    This room is also designed with additional sound insulation on the basis of the “acoustic cover”, but it looks like a normal living room. In addition to the TV on the walls can not see any technology, but it nevertheless is.

    Under a layer of plaster, Cerasonar speakers are hidden, which also provide not just stereo sound, but the immersive sound of Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D and DTS: X to show movies. We used Cerasonar 9060 X4 speakers, Cerasonar 3060 X2, as well as two Cerasonar 6560 X4 subwoofers.

    On top of the built-in acoustics of Cerasonar, you can stick wallpaper, paint the wall and cover it with plaster. This format helps to visually unload the room, which does not affect the ability of the speaker system to properly perform its functions.

    At the exhibition, we offered to view the Dolby Atmos demodisk. The audience was impressed by the sound quality, but the most important thing that worried the visitors of this showroom is how the “invisible” speakers look.

    This is how Cerasonar speakers are assembled:

    You can read more about their features and specifications here , and about the cinema halls themselves - to listen in one of the episodes of our podcast “Sound”.

    Big showroom

    To meet the guests, we assembled and installed at the entrance an interesting set of two new speakers Arslab Studio 10 and Arslab Classic 2.5, the initial model of the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Red vinyl player and Cambridge Audio Topaz electronics. Visitors who had the opportunity to listen to music on both the CD and vinyl noted that the Arslab set sounded impressive, like more expensive acoustics.

    Then in a large showroom you can get acquainted with the Finnish Penaudio acoustic systems, which were submitted to the system with a very successful models shelf acoustics Cenya and floor acoustics Sara the S . Complete with French electronics, Atoll CD100SE-2 CD player and Atoll IN300 integrated amplifier, it was possible to achieve accurate and convincing sound.

    The following High End kit consisted of Arslab Old School Vita flagship speakers, Audionet components: two AMP mono amplifiers, a network player with a built-in DNP preamplifier and an ART G3 CD player, and a LightSpeed ​​CLS Euro 4000 network filter, which stabilizes the power supply network.

    Another system from the classic bookshelf acoustics Old School Classic One and the Old School Monitor M2 pleased fans of retro design, combined with modern sound. The system was combined with a set of German brand T + A from a CD-player 1260R CD and stereo amplifier PA 1260R. Arslab Old School Superb 90 High Gloss Red acoustic system brought from the production to the exhibition in the lacquered case of dark cherry color, which attracted the attention of visitors with its appearance.

    Show room with KITs

    In addition to acoustic systems, we were pleased to present another in-house development - designers for assembling high-quality systems, or KITs . The assembly includes Norwegian SEAS speakers, high-quality Mundorf and Jantzen components and WBT terminals. The case of factory quality is also disassembled.

    The main thing is that the kit is not just a set of random components, but a complete system designed by engineers.

    / Audiocore KIT accessories

    This acoustics will certainly interest DIY lovers, but, most importantly, the price of such systems is quite attractive. Visitors saw the designerboth unassembled and assembled models: Audiocore KIT02.1 and larger speakers Audiocore KIT03 complete with an integrated Atoll IN 100SE amplifier and Atoll CD 50SE-2 CD player.

    This made it possible to evaluate not only the sound quality, but also the quality of all components. Some of our listeners liked KITs so much that they immediately placed an order at the store.

    / Audiocore KIT assembled

    Demozal - portable personal solutions

    The final touch was the hall with presented personal solutions and streaming technologies, as well as the sale of acoustic systems and electronics. You could come to this room with your headphones to compare your listening experience.

    You could compare, for example, with a series of Denon headphones, Oppo PM-1 isodynamic headphones and RHA portable in- ear headphones . Chord and Arcam electronics, the Oppo HA-1 amplifier, the third generation FiiO X5 player and the exclusive iriver Astell & Kern AK380 256Gb Meteoric Titan exclusive portable Hi-Fi player were used as amplifiers and sources .

    About people

    There were a lot of guests at the exhibition, but five spacious show-rooms allowed to evenly distribute the flow of visitors. Therefore, the crowds were avoided, and all visitors could see, and most importantly, listen to everything they had planned. Even a movie with Dolby Atmos soundtrack was enough for everyone. It was nice that mainly among the visitors were trained people. Our guests, in particular, were interested in acoustic treatment of rooms, vibro-isolation and other aspects of good sound.

    It was also pleasant to note the wide range of interests of our visitors: from budget solutions and designers (KITs) to High End. Our guests had the opportunity to talk with the staff of Audiomania, ask questions and even talk with Arslab and ICE developer Yuri Fomin.

    The exhibition was attended by colleagues Yuri Stanislavovich - real professionals: Sergey Bat (read more about him here ), Sergey Kim and Alexander Trusov. The guests watched the demonstration of the Arslab and KIT speakers, visited the cinema with acoustics ICE and told about their impressions.

    And we, in turn, were ready to answer any questions from visitors and demonstrate the capabilities of our systems. On this day, we were able to share opinions and personally discuss with our colleagues in the love of high-quality sound and cinema.

    PS "Knowledge Base": 100 practical materials on the topic of sound, audio and more .