US Civil Aviation Administration expects explosive growth in sales of UAVs in the coming years

Published on March 30, 2016

US Civil Aviation Administration expects explosive growth in sales of UAVs in the coming years


    In published this week report the United States (FAA) Federal Aviation Administration, in particular, pointed out that according to the calculations of the Office, in 2020 the sale of unmanned aerial vehicles in the country will increase to 7 million a year. This is almost 3 times more than today - it is expected that by the end of 2016 about 2.5 million UAVs will be sold in the USA.

    About three-quarters of the UAVs sold this year are estimated by the FAA to be amateur, and a quarter are commercial, including the military. By 2020, the proportion of commercial drones is projected to increase to nearly 40%.

    The turning point should come next year, when a business will appreciate the advantages of UAVs and will begin to actively use them for a variety of purposes - from delivering small goods to inspecting infrastructure facilities (power lines, roofs and walls of buildings, etc.).

    The current rules for the use of UAVs for business imply obtaining a license for this type of activity, which, according to UAV supporters, greatly hinders the introduction of new technologies in the US. The FAA are already working on a new set of rules, which will simplify the registration procedure for drones. The rules promise to submit this spring. To date, about 3,000 companies have received licenses.

    Data for the report to help the Office to collect the corporation Teal Group , engaged in analytics in the aviation market.

    Private owners of drones Management recently ordered to be registeredin cases where the weight of the copter exceeds 250 grams. This is done for security reasons - in connection with the widespread enthusiasm for drones, there are sharply more cases when they interfere with the functioning of various government services and airports, as well as participate in private property incidents.

    The State Duma of the Russian Federation also attended to issues of airspace regulation for unmanned ships, and last year introduced amendments to the Air Code , which, in particular, introduced mandatory registration of drones weighing more than 250 grams.

    As noted by the head of the Duma committeeon transport Yevgeny Moskvichev, the law applies to all unmanned aerial vehicles with a maximum take-off mass of 250 grams, including toy helicopters and quadcopters: “If it is a toy (helicopter), but weighing more than 250 grams, then it will be simplified accounting ".

    Moskvichev explained the necessity of registering toy devices by the fact that they can theoretically also be used for terrorist and other illegal purposes - for example, for the delivery of “criminal” or dangerous goods and for shooting closed areas.

    On the restriction on the mass, Moskvichev said: “If there is no practice of application, while we have prescribed 250 grams, we will see and analyze. If we see that this is too low a bar, a kilogram is necessary, then we will make amendments. ” He also noted that in the USA and a number of European countries, the registration of UAVs has already been introduced and the mass restriction there is also 250 grams.

    It is assumed that the registration of the UAV in Russia will be handled by non-governmental organizations, but the procedures and rules have not yet been developed and announced.