Why a cardio shirt is better than without it: a few words about smart clothes

Published on March 24, 2017

Why a cardio shirt is better than without it: a few words about smart clothes

    Some people don’t like to wear chest belts with heart rate monitors, it’s uncomfortable for someone to train with watches and bracelets. In this case, the cardio T-shirt is a great alternative.

    Inside, a few words about smart clothes in general and a CB-sport cardio T-shirt .

    The prologue of the

    Cardio T-shirt is only one of the components of a whole niche of smart clothes, or connected clothes, which are used in various fields: medicine, military, entertainment and, of course, sports.

    The last direction, sports, is currently one of the most sought-after, open and accessible, therefore the number of offers here is more. Everyone remembers well Sensoria , Athos, OMsignal and other manufacturers.

    Attracts a niche and big brands. In particular, at CES, Polar announced its version of a cardio T-shirt for fans of the brand.

    If you go down "below the belt", then, for example, Xiaomi is not the first time saysabout smart sneakers. Lumo, the developer of posture corrector Lift, launched their clothing project Lumo Run .

    And so on and so forth. From the most recent high-profile announcements: it became known that this year the world will see a smart jacket Google, developed in partnership with Levi's. In other words: a niche is growing, developing, and developers are showing interest in it.

    IDC analysts also give favorable forecasts , believing, however, that in the near future there will be no decent competition in sales for smart watches and smart bracelets. However, by 2021, the smart clothing market will grow significantly from a share of 1.3 percent to 9.4.

    While it is still not clear what exactly is meant by smart clothes, therefore, for artificially overestimating indicators in a niche, sometimes everything that gets into focus. Well, let's say, sewed the PowerBank into the jacket - everything, a smart jacket. Some sensible comments about smart clothes can be found in the Russian wiki.

    In addition, some believe that smart clothing should be different materials, that is, it should be made of special technological fabrics, which can be divided into:

    • Passive: able to perceive the signals of the world
    • Active: able to perceive and analyze
    • Intellectual: able to perceive, analyze and respond depending on the circumstances

    A surge in the niche of smart sports clothing should probably be waited at point “2”. Smart cardio clothing is able to receive a signal from a pulse sensor and with the help of special software to analyze the indicators. While this is paired with chest sensors.

    This type of smart cardio clothing is a CB-sport T-shirt .

    Overview of cardio T-shirts

    Caballero Sport is a company from Taiwan, in the assortment of which a huge number of items of sports clothing. Some of them are with the ability to connect sports pulse sensors, both branded, that would work with the brand's application, and others.

    In fact, the CB-sport cardio T-shirt solves several problems: it frees the wrist, eliminates the need to drag yourself with a belt + performs the usual functions of a sports T-shirt.

    T-shirt is elastic, it consists of:

    • 51.5% - Nylon
    • 39.5% - Polypropylene
    • 8% - Spandex
    • 1% - Silver

    In the “non-adjusted” state, it looks quite compact:

    In the photo, the size is S / M

    With tape measure


    In each direction it can be stretched almost in half.

    It fits perfectly on the figure, repeating the relief, albeit like this:

    From the back

    The logo behind, as well as the inscription in the upper part of the front, serve as reflectors for training in the dark.

    It stretches perfectly:

    Top too:

    Compression effect

    The CB-sport sports T-shirt also has a compression effect, which has a positive effect on the work of the vascular system during exercise, helping the vessels withstand these loads!

    At the same time, the tight fit of the T-shirt during training also has another positive effect, improving the dynamic characteristics. T-shirt has several types of "surfaces": ribbed, smooth, mesh.

    The latter provides air flow, air circulation and accelerated disposal of sweat. It is important that the T-shirt is almost seamless: two joints - only on the shoulders. On the sides - from the armpit to the bottom there are no seams, which means that during a workout nothing will be rubbed, there will be no discomfort.

    Thus, summing up the intermediate result, the advantages of the cardio T-shirt are that the heart rate monitor is always fixed at the same level and does not slide off, as is the case with the use of chest sensors. Then you simply do not run naked. Further, it should be noted compression qualities that help prevent vascular wear. And finally, comfort when using due to the lack of seams.

    Connecting the heart rate monitor

    Chest pulse meter is connected to the front.

    The ribbon passes under the bust and ends in the area under the arms:

    In this version of the T-shirt, the ribbon has become thinner.

    The tape itself is made inside of special conductive filaments, which receive signals.

    In a section:

    Attempt to remove the thread

    The best conductivity is provided by special metallic fibers that are woven into the main body of the T-shirt.

    Another attempt to remove the thread

    In the photo, if you look closely, you can discern a silver thread that stands out. On the official website, without details, it is reported that these are special patented “fiber electrodes” that provide constant reading of the heart rate.

    Also, in addition to nylon, polypropylene contains a small amount of silver fiber. It was added with an “antibacterial” purpose.

    The T-shirt works with any convenient Bluetooth heart rate monitor, so you can stream data into familiar applications: Runtstic, Endomondo, Polar, etc.

    Given the composition - hand wash is recommended !

    Competitive advantages:

    • Lightness and wear resistance
    • Convenience
    • Elasticity
    • Blowing through
    • Reliable heart rate monitor
    • No need to use a chest strap or wrist sensor

    The cost of CB-Sport

    Currently, for the season, we sell models of men's sports cardio-t-shirts for the promotion: the cost of one is 4190 rubles .

    Also there is a special “Family” set: pink Aftershokz Trekz Titanium + SB-sport t-shirt for a headset price: 9500 rubles . That is, the T-shirt just comes as a gift to the headset with bone conduction!

    Successful training in the new season!