Exhibition VacuumTechExpo 2017

Published on April 16, 2017

Exhibition VacuumTechExpo 2017

    VacuumTechExpo is the only Russian international exhibition of vacuum equipment, technologies, equipment and materials, cryogenic equipment, as well as equipment for applying functional coatings.

    Vacuum equipment and vacuum equipment, vacuum technologies, materials for vacuum equipment, cryogenic equipment and components, analytical equipment and measuring devices are widely represented at the exhibition.

    The VacuumTechExpo exhibition is held in Moscow annually and contributes to the improvement of the efficiency of the Russian industry by promoting high-tech vacuum equipment and modern vacuum technologies in strategically important sectors of the economy.

    The exhibition is actively attended by Russian and foreign manufacturers of vacuum pumps, vacuum chambers and other technologies and materials for vacuum production.

    Subjects of the exhibition:

    - Vacuum pumps
    - Vacuum chambers
    - Vacuum gauges, pressure transducers
    - Vacuum fittings
    - Vacuum installations for applying functional coatings
    - Vacuum furnaces
    - Cryopumps, cryole traps, coolers
    - Leak detectors

    Participants: manufacturers and distributors of high-tech vacuum, cryogenic equipment and technology, vacuum materials, spraying equipment, interested in actively promoting their equipment on the Russian market .

    The exhibitors annually become: GNB Corporation, MSH Techno, VACOM, ZENCO PLASMA, LLC BLM Sinerzhi, JSC VACUUMMASH, LLC Vacuum-Service, LLC Glinved Rasha, JSC Intek Analytika, LLC Cryosystems , OAO NII TM, Sigm Plus Engineering LLC, Ferry Watt CJSC and many others.

    Visitors:general and technical directors, heads of departments, chief engineers, chief technologists and specialists of research organizations and manufacturing enterprises.

    Fields of activity of enterprises that are represented by visitors: engineering, instrument making and electronics, metallurgy, chemical production and refining, energy and nuclear industry, medicine and pharmaceuticals, optics, construction.

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