The second is more interesting than the first: a note about Xiaomi VR Play 2

Published on September 22, 2017

The second is more interesting than the first: a note about Xiaomi VR Play 2

    Once under a similar heading, we already wrote about smart scales , but during this time, Xiaomi has already managed to update several more gadgets: a new robot vacuum cleaner came out, Xiaomi mi Band 2 appeared without a heart rate monitor. There was a new "Cardboard".

    Xiaomi VR Play 2 replaced the first version and became the third virtual reality helmet in the Xiaomi assortment.

    The helmet is easier and more convenient.

    This version of VR Play has turned out easier and more convenient. The helmet is not about the game and is addressed primarily to those who plan to spend time watching the video.

    To this end, the case was redesigned: now the smartphone is simply inserted from above and is also easily removed, and not fastened with a zipper, which greatly simplifies access to the gadget, especially when you watch short videos.

    From an aesthetic point of view, perhaps this is not the best solution: the edges of the rectangle protrude from under the oval, but of course, this does not affect the functionality of the device.

    The button on the case looks logical as well: it acts as a mouse click on the intended area.

    Let's say you take a look at the Play button on Youtube, press the button on the VR Play body, and the video starts.


    Despite the fact that the smartphone is open, it is securely fastened. "Back" VR Play presses the device and securely holds it. Rubber pads serve the same purpose, which, firstly, provide density, and secondly, reduce the risk of scratches on the display.

    They did not forget about the details: the adjacent foam pad directly to the face is easily uncoupled for reasons of hygiene: it can be washed, in other words.

    Under her two vents. Again, given the main purpose: watching movies, and this is a long process.

    By and large, Xiaomi had nothing to especially oppose to other headsets , so they played on the button and on the materials.

    The glasses are made of ABS + PC thermoplastic with rubber inserts, and are covered with soft-touch cotton throughout the area.

    Lenses can still not be managed: no adjustment is provided, but, as they say on the official website, aspherical lenses now recognize video formats themselves and support IMAX 3D. In short, the picture is very, very: a presence effect, an immersive effect are created, and some elements of virtual reality seem to be jumping out of glasses. Impressions of viewing are positive.

    The only thing that can cause discomfort at first is “aromatherapy”. Xiaomi, like Apple, adds something to the boxes with gadgets, so when you first open the device, the smell knocks you down.

    What's inside

    Points, QR code on the app and belt.

    The strap is quite easy to hook, but now it is attached from two sides, and not from three - as in the first version.

    In general, the impressions of using this model remained the most positive: light and simple, well-padded, to watch the video, the Play button on the case is quite enough and the smartphone doesn’t need to be fastened and unbuttoned constantly after each video clip.


    • 129x191x120 mm
    • Weight 183 grams

    The only thing that I think should be paid attention to is that the VR Play construction is not collapsible. Why this should be remembered: because Xiaomi advertising materials always show the device in section: it happened now, and the first thing we started with: we tried to tear off the cover. Contrary to the picture - it is fixed.

    The result - 4 out of 5 for the fact that they just can not make the focus adjustment.