We study the insides of a mobile vibrating column PartyFon Max

Published on February 24, 2017

We study the insides of a mobile vibrating column PartyFon Max

    Last time I talked about the Partyfon Max mobile vibrator. The column frankly pleased, but at the same time I lamented the fact that wheezing was felt at certain frequencies in the column, and I could not make it out. But! Since some of my readers asked me to disassemble the vibrocolumn, in order to see the wonders of foreign production with their own eyes, I had to tense up, find suitable screwdrivers and unleash the vibrocolumn into pieces.

    PartyFon Max, Li-Ion battery, battery, capacitor, wire

    you requested , we disassembled.

    To disassemble the vibrocolumn, you need a good thin Phillips screwdriver and a conventional Phillips screwdriver. In order to unwind the vibro column, you need to pull the upper speaker together with the corrugation to the extreme position and carefully loosen the screws with a thin screwdriver. After that, you can carefully remove the upper part of the vibrating column. If desired, you can unhook the connector of the upper speaker, if it interferes. If you remove the cover from Partyfon Max, then we see that the battery in a separate mount does not hang out.

    Board, capacitor, Bluetooth module, chips, partyfon, c5f8h, Meidong. Top of the PartyFon Max board. You can see a large capacitor on the left, and a Bluetooth card on the right (blue, as expected).

    As you can see - everything is collected very well. The upper speaker is separated by a soft porous rubber membrane from the main body of the vibrocolumn. The membrane is torn. What to do about it and how to avoid a gap, I will explain a little lower. It is noteworthy that the battery is located in a special holder that is rigidly attached to the body. Such an attachment avoids dangling the battery over the case and the possible eruption of its shell. By the way battery characteristics: 3.7 V, 2.4 W and 550 mAh. Not much and not enough, a full charge is enough for a party. At the top of the board is a large capacitor and a separate module for communication via Bluetooth. The main chipset is located on the back of the board.

    Bottom of the PartyFon Max. Chip, board, partyfon, max, radio components, MiniUSB connector

    Under the board there is a column driver. It is rather powerful electromagnet with vibroplatform. To get to him you have to unscrew the screw, carefully poured hot melt. Small wiring is also stuck to the body with black, very dense hot melt. Such measures of "security" will not allow the screw to unwind, and the wiring to dangle on the body and make extraneous sounds.

    Driver, magnet, vibro column. The magnet driver, the photo is not visible, but there is a marking of 10 ohms and 2 watts.

    It is no longer possible to unwind the vibrocolumn. The driver is tightly put on the glue in a plastic case. Without damaging the case, it is not possible to unscrew it. Therefore, I come to the question of the damaged membrane. The manufacturer knowingly separated the tweeter from the rest of the body with a special partition. Isolation tweeter improves sound quality, because low-frequency pulses will not affect the sound transmission by the top speaker.

    So why is the membrane torn? No, it is not torn from excessive playback power. The case turned out to be much more banal. If you try to stretch the corrugation of the upper speaker to the extreme position, then the length of the wires is not enough to compensate for the extension of the speaker on the corrugation. And since the membrane itself is very delicate, it is easy to break the wires. Which led to a stranger sound on some frequencies.

    Partyfon max, chips, board, bluetooth

    All disassembled

    And what to do? Two decisions immediately came to mind. First, seal the membrane with Duct Tape. In this case, just because it will not break, and the area to be closed is not very big, so that the tape begins to give out its parasitic sounds. Second: cram a bit of regular cotton into the hole. Vata will play the role of an acoustic isolator and it is impossible to break it with a wire, and the wire itself will allow the top speaker to be advanced to its maximum length. That's exactly what I did, a piece of cotton and the problem with a foreign sound is gone.

    Author Vladislav Kravchenko ( kvv213 ), Moscow

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