The teenager earned $ 100,000 in bitcoins and engaged in the production of virtual reality helmets

Published on May 04, 2016

The teenager earned $ 100,000 in bitcoins and engaged in the production of virtual reality helmets

    Eric Finman in 2014.

    Grandmother gave Eric Finman $ 1,000. Someone would have spent the money on new gadgets and computer components, but a 13-year-old boy disposed of them differently. With the recklessness inherent in children, he bought the little-known Bitcoin digital currency with all his money - enough for about 100 BTC. It was 2012.

    After a year and a half, the BTC rate increased a hundred times (the peak in January 2014: $ 1,150 for 1 BTC), Eric sold the bitcoins and earned $ 100,000. That was enough to start his own business.

    In 2014, the boy founded the first startup - a tutoring service via the Internet with the video chat Botangle . A 15-year-old schoolboy hired programmers, designers, animators and other employees (20 people to start with) - and started a business. The startup promotion went easy: the site quickly gained fame after Eric took part in the Reddit AMA question and answer session .

    Redditors were keenly interested in a country boy with braces, who in 20 years employed 20 employees and started his Internet business from scratch.

    Erica is already 17 years old, and his business spirit has not disappeared. Yesterday the entrepreneur launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Now he is raising money for the production of Marvel virtual reality helmets.compatible with Android phones.

    Marvel is different from other VR helmets on the market. His task is not just to immerse a person into virtual reality with a circular view, but to completely replace a personal computer or smartphone. Having connected to the Android device, the helmet displays a panorama of open applications before your eyes - a browser, chat, code editor, etc. The user switches between them by tilting the head.

    For convenience, a keyboard and mouse connection via Bluetooth is supported. The helmet will work with any Android 5.0 phone or higher. The price of the gadget on pre-order is $ 200.

    Eric started a new business not alone. The teenager is assisted by experienced engineers who are well versed in electronics manufacturing, as well as his older brother, who studied robotics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    Let's see if luck will smile at this time. He plans to receive 800 pre-orders, the delivery date of Marvel is scheduled for December 2016.