APEIGAMING - you need more gold! (Part 7)

Published on September 14, 2016

APEIGAMING - you need more gold! (Part 7)


    Good day, I continue to cover the events around our e-sports organization. Since the creation of this project (June 2016) a lot of water has flowed, there have been global changes and changes in management. We have experienced ups and downs, riots of the disgruntled and support of people involved in the construction of the project.

    One of the most controversial decisions that we had to make was the operation under the code name “Sparta”, which caused a large number of discrepancies and disputes. The main idea was to unload the managers of the organization by creating a special buffer zone where novice players could stew “in their own juice”, competing, showing results, conducting a natural selection among themselves and forming an established team that can comfortably train with each other. In the first few months, about 2000 players passed through the hands of our managers, wanting to start their career growth in the organization, given that each job seeker had to have personal conversations, which can sometimes drag on for several hours, it is easy to calculate how much time it took.

    By the time this article was written , 35 teams had been formed in the organization . In the largest discipline of CS: GO in the peak period there were 12 teams. In this regard, the question arose: “How to determine which of the teams is the strongest and most promising?”. It was possible to arrange some games between the teams, but in this format it would look unprofessional. In this regard, we have decided to conduct the so-called APEI CUPs . This is a series of open tournaments for the teams of our organization, as well as for all who wish to participate.

    To implement this idea, we had to completely rebuild our site. We have added a very powerful command module.In which was built a mini forum. Using your profile, players can create both open topics and private discussions with the tactics, the schedule of games, the appointment of those responsible for certain actions. All this was tied to the tournament block. which allows you to hold tournaments from the organization, and allows anyone to create their own open or closed tournament.


    The first test event ended last weekend. Having identified the winner among the teams of the organization in the discipline CS: GO. The tournament turned out to be very dramatic, since the notorious leader, the EPSILON team, was knocked out by the GAMMA team into a loser, and they had to break through the bottom grid with a fight, eventually winning a victory in the whole tournament. We expect equally bright and interesting battles in all other disciplines.

    The last but no less important task is the motivation of young athletes and managers of the organization. Having carefully considered this question and having weighed all the pros and cons, the concept of APEI GOLD was born . We set ourselves the task of introducing a system of awards and rewards for the actions performed:

    - Management of disciplines
    - Team training
    - Holding streams
    - Writing guides
    - Holding tournaments
    - Awarding tournament winners
    - Making offers
    - Writing interesting topics
    - etc

    At the moment, about 100 triggers have already been created, which issue or take gold for a particular action. And we will try to expand this list so that every member of the organization or just a bystander has an incentive to invest his time in the development of our movement, because every work must be paid.

    These are the last few months. Hard work, a lot of "shoveled" code, sleepless nights and the solution of a huge number of tasks and problems, which every day became more and more complicated and confusing. All this was done so that each portal user could get the most convenient and diverse platform for the realization of all their needs and requirements. Special thanks would be to tell our staff programmer AlexRootfor help. Without it, this update would be impossible.

    Receipt of gold has been adjusted, more than 20,000 coins have been issued, it remains to make a place where this currency can be exchanged for tangible or virtual values. I hope we will be able to implement it in the shortest possible time, because the series of APEI CUP tournaments is just around the corner.

    PS if among the readers of this blog there are PHP programmers who want to help the development of our business, we will be glad to any help .