We invite you to the game room on April 23

Published on April 14, 2017

We invite you to the game room on April 23

    Attention to all gamers, table players and their sympathizers. On April 23, an open big game D & D Epics: Relics of Khundrukar from the organizers of the Rolecon festival will take place at the Mail.Ru Group’s Moscow office. We invite everyone to attend, admission is free. The game is designed for characters of the initial levels, so that novices will have an excellent opportunity to try organized play format in the framework of the D & D Adventurers League program.

    But if you want to play a hero above the first level, you will have to show a registered character and a DCI number. You do not have this? It does not matter, you can choose a Persian from the basic options and register him on the spot. To get to the game, pre- register and fill out a short form. Game legend read under the cut.

    Two centuries ago, the dwarven Master Blacksmith Dargeddin Cherny, pursued by an orc horde, arrived at the Stone Tooth, a forested hill in the middle of the World Ridge northwest of Mirabar. And there, in the mountain depths, Dargeddin founded Kundrakar.

    For a century, the fortress flourished until the enemies of Dargeddin found out about its location, which was hitherto hidden from them. Soon a huge army of trolls and orcs from the tribe of Arrows besieged Kundrakar, and after a bloody battle that lasted more than one day, captured him. The winners looted the fortress, after which they left it empty.

    But in the past few years the situation has changed - the forces of the Duergar clan Zornbane have built a small outpost in the Underdark a few hours from the Stone Tooth. Agents Zornbane soon discovered and appropriated the foundry Kundrakar, as evidenced by the reports of scouts and adventurers. Everything indicates that they managed to seize the ancient weapons of Kundrakar, as well as the secret drawings of the Master Kuznets himself! And it is not surprising that the Council of Glittering Stones, the Lords of Mirabar, would have given a lot for the return of their long lost treasures.

    * * *

    Mail.Ru Group office address: Leningradsky Avenue 39, p. 79 (do not forget to take your passport to pass). Come! We start at 11 o'clock. There will be two games (in the morning from 12:00 to 15:00 and in the afternoon from 16:00 to 19:00), as well as a single unit from 12:00 to 18:00. Read more on the festival website .