DataArt is preparing for May 4 - the day of "Star Wars"

Published on April 28, 2018

DataArt is preparing for May 4 - the day of "Star Wars"

    DataArt has launched a special section of Star Wars on the Skillotron IT specialists self-test knowledge platform . In parallel, we conducted a survey among 2.5 thousand of our colleagues, finding out the preferences of saga fans in different cities and countries. The order of viewing episodes, the best spaceships and the most hated characters in our infographics and expert comments.

    1. Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?

    Star Wars - 62%
    Lord Of The Rings - 24%
    Only 14% of respondents refused to acknowledge their interest in the great sagas. “Get a life, you geeks!” - are they serious ?!

    Kamil Michalak, Java Developer, the winner of the competition for the most geeky question for Skillotron, which took place on February 14th in DataArt: “If you compare the sagas to each other, I, of course, will choose Star Wars. Why? At least because of the "Imperial march", which immediately makes it clear who will now appear in the frame. Or for Chewie, who only looks like a giant teddy bear. ”

    2. In what order to watch the episodes?

    Alexey Pchelintsev, Project Manager, one of the most active participants in the geek movement at DataArt, once watched Star Wars in small pieces in the Zebra program of Leningrad television: “I’m an ardent supporter of the Machete order (given that not yet, but there are 3.5, which, in general, do not have to look, as well as I). This is, if ever, watching I – III, which after the loss of the Darth Jar Jar turned into, well, let's say, not the best part of the saga.

    Thus, we get a coherent story of the character (Luke) with a flashback about where his dad came from, at the moment when it becomes even more relevant to us.

    At the same time, I would have postponed the VII episode after watching the “original” films, because, let's be honest, most of the time in it is painstakingly reminded of the sclerotics of what it was before. On the other hand, so all the parallels are seen much better. "

    3. The best company for the Star Wars Marathon?

    Kiev residents on the occasion of the marathon will prefer to have a party and invite friends. While colleagues from St. Petersburg have experienced the harsh northern life and are not in a hurry to invite anyone, preferring to watch in the company of licensed Star Wars products. Of the potential invitees - alcohol (invitation sent, please confirm presence). In Voronezh, watching Star Wars movies is a reason to get together with the whole family. And our colleagues from Lviv can include films in their spacious kitchen right in the office, since in any case they will watch the saga together.

    Alexey Rozanov, JavaScript Developer, the owner of two tattoos (the drawing of Millenium Falcon and the helmet of the imperial attack aircraft on blue roses) keeps the helmet of the beloved character at home - Beans Fett:“Of the options offered to those closest to me, there was an option with a crowd of friends.” But I don’t completely agree with him - I would cut it to „my best mates“, removing the word „bunch“. Probably for me to watch Star Wars is best either alone or with best friends.

    Probably, 3-4 times a year, I accurately review if not the entire saga, then at least some episodes. If you count, I think, each of 6 episodes I watched about 90 times. And no, I do not get bored, because for me every time the film opens with a new side. In addition, it is nice to share the pleasure with friends and a loved one.

    The universe is not limited to movies: when the computer came, I learned about an infinite number of games on "Star Wars". Probably the most beloved ones are those relating to the Old Republic (KOTOR1, KOTOR2, SWTOR), the Jedi Knights Jedi Outcast series and the old Star Wars Battlefront series. Having become more mature, I, of course, began to buy every kind of merch, from t-shirts to LEGO and heroes. ”

    4. Which of the characters of the saga annoys the most

    Top 3 hated characters in DataArt version:

    • Ja-Ja Binks - 38%.
    • C3PO - 20%.
    • Chickpea Gunray - 13%.

    Those we hate less, but not much:

    • Anakin Skywalker.
    • Ewoks.
    • Darth Vader (fear is unknown to these people!).

    Also, the rays of hostility we helmet Kylo Ren and Jabba Hattu.

    Matthias Potal Fiola, Senior Java Developer, a Star Wars fan and evangelist: “You’ll see Lord Vader on this list, not Anakin. I think that one could add Watto, a merchant who owned Anakin in Episode 1. However, as rightly noted after the film was released, this image is the worst example of racial stereotypes, not the best idea of ​​Lucas. ”

    5. Who will hit the jackpot of 250,000 republican / imperial credits in the Minute of Fame talent contest in the expanded Star Wars universe on TV?

    DataArt made its choice - we will be represented by a duet from Chewbacca and R2D2!

    Boris Aprel, .NET Developer, has been supporting rebels since he was 10 years old, working on his own X-wing fighter assembly plans in his spare time: “Most likely, the Ewoks will win - due to their charming appearance, inexhaustible optimism and gentle voices. Although some do not like them. Maybe because they are cannibals. Or because of their idiotic fanaticism towards their gods. Well, or they simply think that they were big and extremely lucky when a small group of hunters with bows managed to defeat the storm troopers (although the storm troopers in this situation are also hated because they were so stupid at the time). ”

    6. Which hero is the most eccentric hairstyle?

    Corporate identity and hairstyle - a good start to build the image of cultural icons. As you know, a good start is half the battle. Even in the Star Wars universe. Padme Amidala is a true hi-passer, and Leia Organa receives a consolation prize for second place.

    Anna Velikoivanenko, Employer Brand Manager, in the past work put your children on LEGO and Star Wars, the proud owner of the 75192 set: “On the way to fame, all means are good, and hairstyle can become a very effective weapon. The fight for the heart begins very early. If you want to make some kind of hero an icon of a generation, you need to start from childhood.

    As the joint LEGO EMEA and Disney study showed, children in Central and Eastern Europe mainly learn about Star Wars from LEGO Star Wars cartoons, as well as from mini-comics in LEGO sets. This usually happens at the age of 5-7 years. After that, as a rule, a lightsaber is bought (most commonly in Jedi colors), a black cape and a Darth Vader mask, as well as the first LEGO set, which dad actually buys for himself, but is collected by the whole family. The film children are already prepared. Interestingly, in general, they are more tolerant and in the game easily switch from Jedi to Sith and vice versa. Adults usually more actively defend their beliefs.

    Children have their own, different from adults, sense of humor, they differently interpret the concepts of "fun", "interesting" and "fascinating". Children put heroes in their own coordinate system, memorizing them, including hairstyles, since their names are difficult to remember. And by the way, Jar Jar, whom adults often hate and, according to one of the conspiracy theories, is considered the strongest Sith in the universe, is very loved by children. Therefore, it appears so often in LEGO sets. Also, children love Yoda, Chewbacca, R2D2, BB8 (they are considered “fun”), stormtroopers and Darth Vader (these are “interesting” characters) and Princess Leia for her famous hairstyle - pigtails braided in bunches on her temples (I personally voted for her). By the way, the Darth Vader figurine is only in the most expensive sets, because it is perceived as the most "cool". "

    7. Take a look at today's menu. What will you order?

    Irina Gorelkina, Comfort Manager, is indifferent to the films of the series, but she gladly completed the quests of Lego Star Wars : “I’m almost sure that our colleagues will choose milk, albeit blue. Only in St. Petersburg DataArt development center we drink 22 liters of milk every day. ”

    8. Choose the best vehicle in the universe.

    Despite the fact that Millenium Falcon is an obvious national favorite, the refined geeks from St. Petersburg chose X-Wing. First class star fighter! Respect!

    Dmitry Andrusenko, Senior. NET Developer, the keeper of the ancient Laura: "The most perfect of all - definitely TIE / D Defender -" the best fighter for the best pilots "! He is present in the canon and in the series "Star Wars Rebels ". "

    9–10. The only important question in the whole study.

    Jedi - 67% of the
    Sith - 33%

    Mikhail Zavileysky, leader of DataArt global organizational development: “I love Star Wars, but not as much as the fans — I like the Mi-bears from the 6th episode and even Ja-Ja Binks, I consider episode number 5 to be the most boring, although my acquaintance with the series once began with him. As for the Jedi and the Siths, I think you cannot become a strong Jedi without a tamed Sith inside. And a successful (and just real) Sith will not happen if 99% of the time you do not act like a Jedi. So these guys, like the police and thieves, are needed for each other, although the world would have done without them. Therefore, I would prefer to become an army of clones, and with them, let the force remain, if it has already arrived. ”

    More space fun in the Star Wars Section at Skillotron .

    May the force be with you!