Rosatom is developing heavy metal reactors for defense

Published on May 21, 2018

Rosatom is developing heavy metal reactors for defense

    Source: RIA Novosti

    The other day it became known that in Russia they are working on the creation of nuclear reactors with a heavy liquid-metal coolant. They will be used for defense purposes, as reported by RIA Novosti.

    “Reactor installations with a heavy liquid-metal coolant: the work was carried out as part of the state defense order,” the report of the Rosatom enterprise of JSC Gidropress for 2017 said.

    As for the coolant, it is most likely lead or lead alloy with bismuth. Lead-bismuth cooled reactors are used, in particular, in nuclear submarines. For example, on such submarines as 705 and 705K, also known as "Alpha".

    Reactors of this type are relatively small, but powerful. A feature of the systems installed on submarines was the automation of both the reactor itself and the submarine. Gidropress has developed projects for low-power fast neutron reactors. The design of the SVBR-100 reactor facility is currently being developed. This is a low-power system for multipurpose use.

    Another project that recently completed Gidropress is a lead-bismuth integrated reactor. This is a low power installation intended for a submersible power module. Most likely, such systems will be used on Russian underwater UAVs for defense purposes.