XMM 8060 - Intel's first 5G modem

Published on November 20, 2017

XMM 8060 - Intel's first 5G modem

    On November 17, Intel introduced two high-speed modems for wireless networks: the Intel XMM 7660 LTE modem and the first model in the 5G modem family - Intel XMM 8060. The

    Intel XMM 8060 is the first commercial modem for Intel 5G networks for high-grade 5G new radio (NR), as well as in various 2G, 3G (including CDMA) and 4G networks. The modem works in both the global sub-6 GHz band and on millimeter waves.

    Intel XMM 7660 is Intel's newest LTE modem of the 19th category, operating at speeds up to 1.6 gigabits per second. This powerful LTE modem provides extended support for MIMO technology (multiple-input and multiple-output), carrier aggregation and works in a wide range of bands.

    It is expected that new Intel modems will appear in commercial devices of customers (and, therefore, in our phones with you) in mid-2019.

    In addition, Intel announced the successful implementation of calls fully implemented on the fifth-generation network using the Intel 5G Modem modem, which is an important milestone in the development of this technology. According to forecasts, the widespread deployment of 5G networks will begin in 2020