Instructions for bypassing the Telegram lock. How to activate SOCKS 5

Published on June 27, 2017

Instructions for bypassing the Telegram lock. How to activate SOCKS 5

    In the telegram channel tnews_ru published instructions for circumventing the possible blocking of Telegram - a popular messenger developed by the team of Pavel Durov. The article describes a workaround based on the use of the SOCKS5 network protocol. This protocol imperceptibly forwards data packets from the client to the server through a proxy server.

    SOCKS is a network protocol that allows client-server applications to transparently (transparently to them) use services behind firewalls (firewalls). The option is already available in Telegram Desktop and Mac, and mobile customers will receive it in the next update.

    Tip: enable the automatic update option in the settings.

    How can I keep access to Telegram after the messenger is blocked in Russia?

    First turn on SOCKS5 before blocking.

    If for some reason you do not have time to do it, then you will have a hard time, because From Russian Google Play and AppStore, Telegram clients are likely to disappear. Here will help Vpn and Tor, through which you can download Telegram in American stores. But do not flatter yourself - ahead is the law on the prohibition of means for circumventing locks, adopted in the first reading in the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

    Tip: in the Android settings, allow updates not to be downloaded from the official store, and download the Telegram update from the messenger site .

    SOCKS 5 Setup

    Here is the instruction in Russian:

    1) Go to the desktop Telegram settings and click "Default (now: TCP)".

    2) Switch the “Connection Type” menu to “TCP socks5 proxy”

    3) Enter the proxy server address (for example,, the corresponding port (1080). It is better to use the proxy addresses of America, Germany, Sweden or England. Then tick the “Use IPv6” box and save.

    How to find a proxy server?

    Just click on the following links:

    US Proxy
    Proxy England
    Germany Proxy
    Sweden Proxy

    only take the server for SOCKS5, not to be confused with HTTP.

    You can customize from this free list (socks - ).

    Now by default your Telegram will connect through the selected proxy server.

    Addition: If you have problems with the connection, you need to configure Windows Firewall to add to the allowed Telegram applications. Make it easy, but you must have administrator rights.

    • Log in to the Control Panel and go to Windows Firewall.
    • Click on the item “Permissions to interact with applications or components ...”. A window with a large number of programs will open, but you will hardly find Telegram there. Therefore, you will need to add it there.
    • Click on “Change settings” and then on the bottom button “Allow another application”.
    • In the pop-up window "Add application" via Browse add Telegram.
    • Everything. Configure the connection to the proxy server again.