Play music on RIT ++

Published on May 22, 2017

Play music on RIT ++

    Hello friends!

    This year we will have a special afterparty . Firstly, Habrahabr has a birthday , and they will treat us to excellent craft beer! Secondly, we will drink it with live music .

    There are many musicians among our colleagues, and we like to arrange concerts where they perform. It always turns out great. If you play in a group, come to perform at RIT ++. Leave an application here . We all listen and select a few teams. With us - a professional stage and equipment, with you - music and a great mood!

    The concert will begin on June 5 at 6:00 pm , and at 9:00 pm it will be impossible to sit still on the spot, because a DJ will come on the stage. By the way, also IT specialists.

    Friends, the festival program will be interesting and rich, you will learn a lot, and something will even inspire you. Come to the afterparty to share inspiration with colleagues and just have a great time.