AdBlock and AdBlock Plus - now for Edge

Published on August 24, 2019

AdBlock and AdBlock Plus - now for Edge


    Back in March, Microsoft began testing a new version of its Edge browser, adding support for extensions. And extensions began to appear - at first a little, and over time more and more. AdBlock and AdBlock Plus versions of ad blockers are now available for Edge . The list of features for new extensions is almost identical to the list of the same extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

    Not all users use Edge and extensions for it, but those who are users of this browser should be happy with the new product. By the way, the share of Edge in the browser market is now about 3%, and slowly continues to grow.

    As for the popularity of other browsers, then Geektimes has already been published material on the release of Chrome in the lead. According to Net Marketshare, the difference is still very small, tenths of a percent, but it is. The data was obtained by analyzing the attendance of 40,000 sites. As it turned out, the share of Chrome is now 41.66%, while Internet Explorer has 41.35% of the browser market.

    How to install an extension for Edge? Below is a detailed guide. In English, but everything is told in some detail.