Nevo - smart watch for those who do not need a smart watch?

Published on August 24, 2019

Nevo - smart watch for those who do not need a smart watch?

    Yesterday’s post criticizing smart things from a consumer’s point of view is not the first such statement. Really smart watches, smart home gadgets are needed by no means everyone. True, all this sometimes turns into a special baton from the series: “I am the only one who has not watched the Game of Thrones ...”, “I am the only one who does not play Pokemon ...”, “I am the only one who does not wear a smart watch and a fitness tracker ... ”

    However, manufacturers also understand that many of their devices are not a necessity. And the Nevo advertising campaign was once built on the principle: “for those who do not need smart watches”. And as a kind of continuation of yesterday's post, we will tell a little about them.

    There are a lot of analog smart watches , and even premium brands have come to their senses a long time ago and offered their models: Bulgari, Frederique Constant and some others have already offered individual smart functions to their users.

    The second large group is fitness brands: Withings and Runtastic, which offered, by and large, a new look for a fitness tracker and several possibilities that were not there before. And, finally, brands that are located on the periphery between the mass market and Luxury: Michael Kors, Guess, in which the development of the smart watch line is connected with Fossil.

    Nevo is obviously trying to occupy a niche between the second and third: an inexpensive, stylish accessory with a basic set of fitness capabilities and some alerts, with a claim to exclusivity.

    The French brand appeared in late 2014 - early 2015 on Indiegogo with an emphasis on minimalism in design: even dividing the clock without numbers and only two hands.

    The gadget now comes in a rectangular box, inside which is a clock, a “key” for the back cover to change the batteries and a couple of instructions in different languages.

    There are two batteries: one of them is responsible for the clockwork and can work up to 5 years, as the developers assure, the second - for smart features, and its duration is 1 - 2 years.

    Externally, the device looks, however, stylish, but in view of its simple design, it is easy to complement a classic suit, an urban style and even a sporty one: just tighten it up. The belts change easily and for this purpose latches are provided:

    The Nevo control panel is the three buttons on the case. Central is the time setting, as for some reason Nevo doesn’t have an “auto-tuning” during synchronization, as Runtastic had . And the other two are synchronization buttons and switching between clock modes.

    To connect the clock, you need to turn on the device: this is done by clamping the first and third buttons. The fact that the device is turned on, will notify 12 burning diodes. Then, in the "Peyring" mode, wait for the flicker of 12-3-6-9 divisions:

    After that, a three-second hold of the first button will connect the watch to the smartphone. In the process of connecting, no matter how strange it may sound, the main thing is not to confuse the applications. Corporate application is called:

    Why is it important? - The fact is that in both stores there are two more applications with a similar design and icon, besides the treacherously called Nevo and Nevo Watch, with which the clock will not be synchronized. The software is simple and works smoothly.

    In the application, you can fill out a profile and set goals step by step, configure the types of notifications that you want or do not want to receive, and, in Android applications, there is an additional settings menu with applications for receiving notifications.

    Main menu - below. There are several tabs: statistics on steps, sleep, camera control, on and off notifications and advanced settings.

    The camera is controlled by the third button, but it does this only from the application. If you start the camera on a smartphone otherwise, the function will not work, however, everything removed from the software of the clock is saved to the general gallery.

    The clock is automatically connected to the smartphone, and the Bluetooth icon is used to indicate the connection status.

    Also, when you click on the first button, you can observe the display, which changes in the course of the day: from 12 to 12 in a circle: these are statistics on achieving the goal in steps in conditional percentages. Sleep mode - not automatic: you need to hold the first button for a while to switch. The fact that the sleep mode is activated, will report the third division.

    Indication and vibrosignal is the Nevo language, with the help of which they report on activities in the smartphone: Red is the bell, green is sms and social activities. Basic enable and disable them in the appropriate menu:

    Everything is simple. And quite elegant. At the same time, the watches are comparable to wrist watches Tissot, Swiss quartz “Adriatic” and the same Fossil. Previously, they were offered at a price of $ 349, but now the price has stopped at the level of 11 thousand rubles.

    As a result, it should be noted that Nevo is completely calm about the critics of modern smart technologies, openly supporting them, they say, yes, everyone is tired of the smart watches, of course, why communicate with the clock, if there is a phone for this, therefore you have a smart watch that we have created for those who do not need a smart watch! And it works. Watches are popular on the net, and by the number of reviews and mentions are comparable to Android Wear and Apple Watch models. And, considering the price, which is undoubtedly a competitive advantage, I like them. Rather "for".