Survey for SaaS developers

Published on March 23, 2011

Survey for SaaS developers

    The colleague asked to publish his message, since he does not have access to Habr. I ask you to respond and help in the ongoing study.



    My name is Alexander Artemov (Master in International Technology and Innovation Management Program). I am conducting a study of the Russian SaaS market as part of the project of the Graduate School of Management at St. Petersburg State University “Russian SaaS Market Research: Comparison to World-Wide Metrics”.

    I ask you, as a representative of a company - a SaaS market participant, to answer 20 (10 + 10) simple questions about working in this market. We do not ask to share any financial information, and we guarantee that all information received will remain confidential, if necessary for you. The data obtained will be analyzed in a complex, and general conclusions will be made based on the obtained diagrams.

    I ask you to answer the following questions:

    Marketing (10 questions - estimated response time - 2.5 minutes)
    Dos. Information - (10 questions - approximate response time - 2 min.)

    Your answers are very important for the study. Thank you for your assistance in studying the SaaS market in Russia.

    Sincerely, Alexander Artyomov
    Master in International Technology and Innovation Management
    Graduate School of Management
    St. Petersburg State University