Meridian Mobile is now available for download

Published on January 21, 2012

Meridian Mobile is now available for download

    Meridian is a music player that makes listening to music from the VKontakte social network enjoyable, convenient and visually beautiful. We already wrote about the version for Windows. And then we mentioned that an application for Windows Phone 7 would be released soon. And so it happened!


    Features of the application at the moment:
    • Listening to your audio recordings, albums, group albums, and friends
    • Recommendations
    • Search by albums and artists
    • Download album art and artists from Last.Fm, scrobbling
    • The ability to set the song to VKontakte status (text, no links in the API)
    • Sending a track to a friend’s wall
    • Displaying Artist Information: Photos, Releases, Similar Artists
    • Saving photos of artists in the photo gallery
    • Radio
    • Live tile
    image image image

    Now we are working on improving the functionality and fixing bugs. In the near future it is planned to release an update.

    You can download the application from the link below. Available in Russian and American Market. Gradually appears in the rest. Project site VKontakte Group Twitter