Which Chromebook to choose? Comparison of Google Acer AC700 vs Samsung Series 5

Published on August 22, 2011

Which Chromebook to choose? Comparison of Google Acer AC700 vs Samsung Series 5

    Finally, it became possible to bring from the Chomebook states a google phone (similar to Googlephone aka google phone) - you can order it in two stores.

    On the official website of the device , 2 models of Acer AC700 and Samsung Series 5 are presented, but the information is not too detailed and unstructured, which makes comparison difficult. It also says where you can buy them: on Amazon (all 6 models) and BestBuy (only 4 models from Samsung).

    I decided to draw up a comparative plate, collecting information from various sources.
    Acer AC700 vs Samsung Series 5 comparison table
    First, let's try to understand the difference between Acer and Samsung:
    1. As you can see from the comparison table, Acer takes on price, higher screen resolution and better webcam resolution, it has an HDMI output and the ability to replace batteries (which may be important for some).
    2. Samsung, in turn, is more glamorous (rounded shapes, there is white color, thinner), it has a larger screen, longer battery life and there is a more traditional VGA output.

    In my opinion, it is reasonable to take either the cheapest or the full stuffing:
    • The most practical Acer AC700 WiFi without 3G (in Russia 3G is not very relevant in view of the brutal prices for GPRS and poor coverage), Google OS lovers will cost $ 350 (approximately 10,000 rubles)
    • The most sophisticated Samsung 3G in the original white Arctic White case will cost $ 500 (approximately 14.500 rubles)

    Personally, I already ordered Acer for $ 350 and have already delivered it, but now I’m thinking about taking the top-end white Samsung and then deciding which one to keep and the extra one to sell. And for now, I suggest you look at the large pictures.

    Photos Acer AC700 (1500x1500px)

    Photos Samsung Series 5 (1500x1500px)

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