Hiroshima's nuclear bombing could kill and injure about 832 thousand people

Published on November 01, 2007

Hiroshima's nuclear bombing could kill and injure about 832 thousand people

    The group investigating the tragedy in Hiroshima reported that, according to their estimates, on that ill-fated day, a total of about 832 thousand people could be killed or wounded.

    A research team led by Professor Hiromi Hasai from the University of Hiroshima has finally provided a report from her study of the tragedy with a conclusion on the number of victims.

    This was the first forecast of damage caused by a nuclear strike, which was developed by order of local self-government on the basis of the Law on the Protection of the Population. The results of the study will be reflected in the plan to protect residents of the city of Hiroshima, whose population was about 1.1 million people, in the event of unforeseen military operations.

    The research team, however, concluded that the only measure that could fully protect citizens from a nuclear attack is the complete rejection of nuclear weapons.

    The draft report evaluated four options for the “scenario” of a nuclear attack on a fine summer day - the same as it was once on August 6, 1945, when these ill-fated bombs were detonated. All four options evaluate the possible consequences of various options for attacking the city. If one megaton bomb - which is 60 times more powerful than its commodity dropped 62 years ago - explodes in the air at an altitude of about 2.4 km from the surface, then the largest number of people will die - about 832 thousand, both immediately after the bombing and from radiation sickness and other lesions in the next 3-4 months.

    Source http://news.leit.ru