Companies will file tax returns online

Published on December 26, 2006

Companies will file tax returns online

    Companies with 250 employees or more from January 1, 2007 will be required to submit tax reports electronically. This circumstance is spelled out in the amendments on tax administration of the corresponding code of the Russian Federation, reminded yesterday the Moscow Federal Tax Service. In 2008, the same obligation would apply to firms with 100 employees.

    According to the publication of RBC daily , the transfer of the declaration to the tax office of Moscow legal entities will be carried out through the channels of the specialized telecommunications operator Takskom . According to the representative of Takskom Artem Melikdzhanyan, now in Moscow and the region more than 35 thousand taxpayers submit reports electronically through the company’s system.

    Filing taxes through the Network will require the installation of special software and obtaining a digital signature from a special operator. “In software that is compatible with the most popular accounting program 1C, you need to fill out a form and upload it in an electronic format approved by the Federal Tax Service to our program,” says Melikjanian. “Then the accountant automatically seals the message with an electronic digital signature so that it is impossible to make changes, encrypts it with cryptography so that no one can read its information, and sends it to the tax authority.” Connection to the Takskoma system with an advance payment for 12 months will cost from 3865 rubles.

    Experts welcome the innovation, saying that it will significantly accelerate the work of the taxpayer in the preparation and submission of documents. “The taxpayer will not need to go to the post office and stand in line to send reports to the inspectorate,” says Maxim Grishenkov, Leading Legal Counsel for Tax Assistance.

    According to the newspaper Uchet.nalogi. Pravo , the first to be obliged to submit declarations via the Internet are companies that pay mineral extraction tax. These enterprises are required to submit reports for November 2006 by January 9.