Microsoft's official response to Google’s demarche

Published on June 02, 2010

Microsoft's official response to Google’s demarche

Original author: Brandon LeBlanc
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“Yesterday there was some discussion about Windows security and whether or not one particular company will reduce the use of our operating system,” the official Microsoft blog says . “We decided that this was a good opportunity to dot the i.”

There is a certain subtext in this story that is hard to miss. For those who don’t know, you can check out this article on Mashable about how a couple of months ago Yale refused to switch to Gmail (as well as the Google Apps for Education package), citing security and privacy issues.

When it comes to security, even hackers admitthat we are working best to make our products the most secure on the market. And not only hackers, but also influential independent players, industry leaders such as Cisco, regularly tell us that our efforts and investment volumes for these purposes are greater than anyone else. An InfoWorld article today discusses how vulnerable Mac computers are to the most dangerous malware, as well as Apple's future global security concerns. Microsoft considers the safety of its users a top priority.

The official Microsoft report listed a number of Windows technologies in the field of security, over which they were "working hard." We left these factoids without translation.