Unpredictable viral ads or how a 13 year old lad promoted his company

Published on August 10, 2007

Unpredictable viral ads or how a 13 year old lad promoted his company

    It is interesting to read the hearing marketers and buzz figures - all those who work on the WOM field (word of mouth or rumors). For example, Rosen or Andy Sernovitz `a. Their head cooks a special mess. They see the potential for viral advertising in everything, they draw examples of viral marketing from every “little thing” . In every mistake, a huge potential for negative rumor is discovered.

    Cool design? Wow !!! Viral advertising is provided. Nahamili in the hotel - a virus! On the plane, the stewardess instantly solved the problems. O-O-O-O, finally the virus. Imagine, any thing can become an incentive for viral advertising. You plan, calculate and invent, and the virus becomes something else. For example, the word “dick” forgotten by someone in the title of the main page of the site or a snot in the photo of the CEO.

    Fresh example
    Andy Sernovitz in passing read the story of 13-year-old lad Anshul Samar`e, who founded his company (!). His idea is to teach chemistry using playing cards. It just so happened that Sernovitz’s wife was an editor in the journal Chemical and Engineering News. The first told a cool thing to the second. The boy and the boy were on the air, and the target audience found out about his company and idea - as many as 160,000 readers of the magazine.

    The moral of this fable is this. We do not know what information about us can fly around the world. We must try to ensure that everything from socks to the quality of order fulfillment pleasantly surprises people. We must try everything possible, various tricks and ideas. Something will shoot.